Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Japan fun!

What the heck, let's make this a Japanese theme week, why don't we? Here's a video of when Liz and I went to the Harajuku section of Tokyo. You may have heard of Harajuku - it's where all the anime/manga loving cosplayers dress up and hang out. There are two main sections of the neighborhood worth checking out - first a shopping area with amazing stores (mostly catering to teens - especially the gothic lolita crowd!) and second a big square by the train station where all the cosplayers hang out to have their pictures taken.

Here's a little slideshow video showing both - first the stores and then the cosplayers. Check it out! Which is your favorite costume?

Harajuku from Marianne Mancusi on Vimeo.


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Anonymous said...

I think i notice that place!