Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Long overdue update!

Hey all,

Sorry it's been a while since I posted to the blog! I've been crazy busy as you can imagine. BUT good news! The second book in the Scorched series, SHATTERED, has been finished and approved by my editor and is now on its way to becoming a real live book! Yay!

The official release date is September 1st of this year. It will come out in hardcover, like Scorched. We'll be revealing the cover very soon, so stay tuned for that! Wait till you see it -- it's even cooler than the Scorched cover, if that's possible!!

In addition to Shattered coming out in hardcover, there will be a paperback version of Scorched being released at the beginning of August. So if you can't afford the hardcover, you can now reserve your copy of the paperback, which is a lot cheaper. I don't think it will have the special "pet the dragon" feature of the hardcover, but it's still very cool.

As for me, now it's almost time for me to start on the final book in the trilogy - SMOKED - which will come out in September 2015. I cannot wait to dive in and continue the adventures of Emmy, Trinity and the boys. (And some new guest stars as well!)

Thanks for all of your emails about Scorched. I'm so glad you guys are all on TEAM DRAGON!