Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mari's Big Christmas Gift Giveway to Readers!!

I have a motherload of YA Books to give away to thank you all for being such loyal readers!! Here's the list of what's up for grabs!


Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead
Blue Bloods (complete 4 book series) - Melissa De La Cruz
Morganville Vampires (complete 8 book series) - Rachel Caine
Morganville new trade paperback (containing first two books in the series)
Shadowland AUDIO BOOK (Immortals series) - Alyson Noel
Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson
How to Ditch Your Fairy - Justine Larbalestier
Gentlemen - Michael Northrop
Ransom my Heart (Princess Diaries) - Meg Cabot
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (book 2 of Ally Carter's Galagher Girls series)
Rampant - Diana Peterfreund do you win? Well, I need you to work for it!

1 entry for re-blogging or re-tweeting or posting on Facebook contest info and link

2 entries for becoming a Facebook fan or following my blog or Twitter (mariannemancusi)

3 entries for re-blogging or re-tweeting about Bad Blood's release with link to website

4 entries for writing a review for one of the Blood Coven books and posting it on a website such as Amazon, B&N, Borders, GoodReads, etc.

5 entries for taking a photo of yourself holding a Blood Coven book in your hands and posting it somewhere.

10 entries for showing me proof that you pre-ordered Bad Blood (or after it's out, showing me that you bought it with a photo or a reciept)

REMEMBER TO COMMENT BELOW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU DID!! Winners will be announced on January 15th.

Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Blood Coven Sims!

Also on Deviant Art...Sunny, Rayne, and Mom as Sims!!

Stake That Fan Art by ~Chuckyfan4lyf on deviantART

More Gamer Girl art!

Found on Deviant Art. Love this!!

Ceiling Tile by ~dramapixie97 on deviantART

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Win the Blood Coven series!

My fellow Lost Boys fan girl Donna over at Lit Bites book blog is giving away the first three Blood Coven books to a lucky reader. Go forth and enter and good luck!!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Give the Gift of Blood Coven (REVISED!)

I figured out a way to make it easier for people who are interested in giving the gift of Blood Coven books this year. I've set up an online store on Amazon where you can purchase the books directly from me. They'll cost the same amount as buying them from Amazon normally, but I will mail your copies to you directly--personally autographed to the recipient of your choice and including fun extras like bookmarks and a Blood Coven Vampire in Training membership card.

I figure this is more official/easier than dealing with PayPal or having you mail in the books (which you can still do if you prefer!)

When Bad Blood is released, I will add that to my list of books as well!

To access the Amazon store, you can go here.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Gamer Girl Sketch

Found this one on Deviant Art. She did a great job! Obviously we know what Maddy looks like from the cover, but it's always fun to see what people think the other characters look this case, Chad. I'd love to see someone draw some of the minor characters - like Billy or Black Raven. :)

Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi by ~EternalLunalight on deviantART

Friday, December 04, 2009

Perez Hillton and Glee!

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I had two different celebrity shoots to cover. First up was celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. He was irreverent as ever, but a lot of fun to chat with!! He has a new book out - True Bloggywood Stories.

dec 4 004

After Perez, it was off to Bryant Park where Marshalls/TJ Max was doing a Carol-oke event with the cast members of Glee. I've never seen Glee, but let's just say the boys Puck and Finn have a lot of excited female fans!!

dec 4 010

Also there, as you can see from the photo, was Nicki Blonsky, who starred in Hairspray with Zac Efron. And 2nd season American Idol contestant Kimberly Locke.

I was not the only one there taking pictures!

dec 4 014

Corey forgets the lyrics...

dec 4 020

Real men rock pink guitars and reindeer antlers!! (Sad this came out so blurry!)

dec 4 018

After the presentations I interviewed everyone for my segment.

dec 4 030

And took some photos! :)

dec 4 037

All and all it was a fun event. And the fact that it was like 60 degress made it even better!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give the Gift of Autographed Blood Coven

Hi all!

Did you know Blood Coven books make great holiday gifts? :) Especially if they're personally autographed copies, made out to the person on you're giving them to! But how do you get your hands on one of those? Here's a few ways:

1) If you send me the cost of the book ($9.99 plus $3.00 shipping) either by mail or over PayPal, I can send you out autographed copies directly.

2) If you mail me the book you bought in a store and enclose return postage, I can autograph and mail it back to you.

3) I can mail you a "book plate" which is basically an autograph sticker, which can be stuck inside your copy of the book. Just email me if you want this. No worries on postage since this will just be the cost of a stamp.

EMAIL ME ( if you're interested in any of the above options and we'll talk details!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vampire in Training Packets Round 2

I've mailed off Round 2 of the Vampire in Training membership kits today. So if you signed up to join the Blood Coven and gave your complete mailing address (not just your street name, people! The post office needs city, state and zip!) then you should receive your packet in a few days! Welcome aboard!!

For those of you who haven't yet taken the plunge, what are you waiting for? :) It's fun and it's free! And you not only get cool stuff like a vampire in training membership card and exclusive Blood Coven magnet, but you also get an opportunity to read the first three chapters of Bad Blood!!

good stufz. free. that's all I'm saying!

PS I'm also mailing out bookmarks today to those of you who sent me your addressses. Thank you for helping me pass them out and spread the word! I've still got more. Emailz me!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Want to help pass out bookmarks?

Hey guys,

Any volunteers want to help the Blood Coven by passing out bookmarks to friends at school? If you email me your address, I'll send you Bad Blood bookmarks to pass out. You just have to promise me you'll actually do it, lol, cause it costs me postage money to send them to you!!! :)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For Booksellers!

Hey Booksellers -

If you're looking for some holiday schwag, I've got some Blood Coven Vampire bookmarks to give away to your customers! Just email ( me your address and I'll get them right out to you!

As for the rest of you - you'll get bookmarks for you and your friends if you JOIN THE BLOOD COVEN! :)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blood Coven Memberships

I'm told the Blood Coven sent out their first round of membership packs to some lucky applicants this week! They're a bit behind though so don't worry if you haven't gotten yours yet. If you signed up and sent Magnus your complete mailing address, you should get your kit in the next couple weeks!

Hope you like them!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Want an Exclusive Sneak Peak of Bad Blood?

...then Join the Blood Coven. I'll be sending out a never before seen excerpt of Bad Blood this weekend to all vampires in training!

I'm also creating membership packs to mail out. Members will get their Vampire in Training membership card, bookmarks, and a Bad Blood magnet. So make sure you sign up if you want in on the goodness!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Blood Coven Display

Check this out! Berkley was nice enough to send me one of the floor displays for the Blood Coven re-releases. This is what they've sent to Borders stores across the country. It's soooo pretty! My first ever floor display. I feel like this is some kind of writing milestone I should celebrate!!!

And yes, Jacob was nice enough to let me display it in the living room! :)

Blood Coven Display1


In case you're wondering, I put both versions of the books in there cause I thought it looked nice. Obviously in the real stores they'd only have the new covers.

Anyway, just wanted to share!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Virtual Release Party Begins!!

Go over to Bitten by Books to celebrate the relaunch of the Blood Coven series with me today! I'm answering questions and giving away an iPod Nano or $100 giftcard to Amazon.

Hope to see you there!! :)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Blogging over at my agent's blog today

My blog tour continues as I travel cyberspace to promote the Blood Coven!! :)

Today I'm over at my agent, Kristin Nelson's, blog, talking about how for a while the future of the Blood Coven series seemed very dim indeed, but through determination and stubborness galore, we were able to get not only Book #4 published in the US, but also the revamped first three books!

Hope you'll take a few moments to stop by and read. And for those of you in similar situations, or just trying to get your first book published, I hope it will be a story of inspiration for you. I know the book business is tough. But you should never give up. Never surrender. :)


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Win an iPod Nano or $100 gift card!

Want to win an iPod Nano or a $100 gift card to Well, come over to Bitten by Books on Weds November, 11th - where I'll be giving one away to a lucky reader during my virtual release party!

RSVP for the party now and get bonus contest entries!! Then on Weds come back and chat with me and fellow readers and enter to win!

Hope to see you there!


Saturday, November 07, 2009

Join the Blood Coven!!

Want your very own Blood Coven Vampire in Training plastic membership card? Well, head over to and apply to join the Blood Coven today! (It's totally free!)

vampire in training card


Friday, November 06, 2009

Blog Tour Continues!

Today I'm over at the awesome Story Siren blog, answering questions about writing and the Blood Coven. Enter to win the newly revamped 3 book series!!


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Blood Coven Cover Story and chance to win

The fabulous Melissa Walker has posted the story behind my Blood Coven covers on her blog today. Go read, comment, and win a new Boys that Bite book!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Get thee to Borders - this week!

Starting this week, the wonderful Borders Bookstores will be carrying the BRAND NEW Blood Coven Vampires "revamped" novels in their new teen INK section of the stores! Go forth and buy and support the bookstore that supports the Blood Coven!! :)

I thank you all in advance for your continued support!! Remember, the more books we sell, the more chance I have of my publisher publishing Book #5 - NIGHT SCHOOL - in the US. :)

Long live the Blood Coven!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

You may be surpised to hear this, but Halloween is not my favorite holiday. As someone who dresses up at various events all year long, it sort of seems like amateur hour. Nothing against it, mind you, it's just I like to save my truly unique, creative costumes for bigger events like DragonCon or ComicCon, where people take costuming seriously.

In any case, I pulled this costume off, last minute, with things I already owned. (I have a bit suitcase full of costume items at my apartment.) In case you can't tell, I'm supposed to be a Catholic School Girl cat. ^_^ Figured it was kind of mangaesque.

Sadly, in this photo, you can't see my tail. But check out my Skelanimals skirt! I LOVE the skelanimals!! The hat is something I bought handmade from last year's New York Comic Con. Label says "Boshi-Basiik". It's sooo cute, huh? The shirt belongs to Jacob, as do the rosary beads, from his days in Catholic school.

What did you guys dress up as?

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rayne's Letter to Vlad!

So turns out Rayne has been busy, while waiting for sister Sunny's BAD BLOOD to come out. She's writtten an open letter to a boy named Vlad, the half-vampire, half-human star of the amazing Heather Brewer series, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd. It seems Rayne thinks she's got the perfect solution for Vlad's vampire problems.

Check it out here. Do you think Vlad will respond? What should he say?


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get Goosebumps!

For all you fans of Goosebumps out there, just in time for Halloween, I went to an event at the Scholastic headquarters and got to meet R. L. Stine, creator of the Goosebumps series. (As well as many other fine series!) He was really great - so funny and nice. And he really seems to love his readers.

His advice to those of you who want to become writers? Read a lot and write everyday - even if you're just writing in a journal. Good advice - that would be mine as well! You can't write if you don't read. :)

Here we are together. Notice he's not smiling. That's because he's supposed to be scary!!! :) You can't see him in the picture but right behind him was Slappy the puppet!

Mari Mancusi and R. L. Stine

If you want to check out the webcast I went to, you can do that on the Scholastic website.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have you applied to join the Blood Coven yet?

I just got a sneak peek of the beautiful Blood Coven Vampire in Training membership cards! Have you signed up to join the Blood Coven yet to get yours?? You can do so online at

Tell Lord Magnus I sent you.


Monday, October 19, 2009


All this lovely wedding talk makes me want to post something completely gross and disgusting! And since I'm off to see Zombieland at the movies tonight, what better than to post a photo of me dressed up as ZOMBIE BO PEEP from DragonCon. Yes, I found my sheep and ate their brains!! MWAHAHHAA.

Scared? You should be!! :)

I love zombies. I've written two Zombie stories. A post-appocalyptic pilgramage to a zombie-infested Disney World called RAZOR GIRL and a story called ZOMBIEWOOD CONFIDENTIAL for an upcoming anthology called "MY ZOMBIE VALENTINE."



My Zombie Valentine

Razor Girl came out last summer. My Zombie Valentine is out in January!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The brand new Blood Coven website!!!

I've been waiting for this day for a while now! I have a gorgeous new Blood Coven website launching today! It was designed by the amazing Kim Ku - web diva extraordinaire.

There's lots of info and downloads and othe fun stuff. Including a Bad Blood countdown like I have on this blog. So go check it out!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Or something more princessy?

Here's another wedding dress option. It's much more fancy than the first one I posted. It's also more fitted and the skirt is fuller. On one hand, I'd LOVE to feel like a princess and I'm sure this dress would do it. On the other, it's Texas, outside and hot. Is this too formal?


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another wedding poll

You guys had great thoughts on wedding cakes so here's round #2.

Yay or nay to this dress?

The reasons I like it: It's simple but classy. My wedding is going to be outdoors so I need something light and breathable, unlike a big fancy ballgown you might get if you were getting married in a cathedral. Also I like lace rather than satin because I think it looks more vintage--almost victorian. I might even go for ivory instead of white if I got this one.

Thoughts? :)


Need a Favor!!

Hey guys -

If you got a second, can you go post a comment over on my YouTube video page? Tell readers you like the Blood Coven series!!! And if you have YouTube accounts - plz plz favorite and add to your page!!! I'm trying to spread the word before the re-releases and Bad Blood comes out!!!

Thanks -- you guys rock!

xoxo MARI

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Planning!

So as if the re-release of the Blood Coven Vampire books and the upcoming Bad Blood wasn't enough - two weeks ago I actually GOT ENGAGED! Yes! To the love of my life, Jacob. I couldn't write a better happily ever after than that! We are best friends and like the same things - just perfect for one another.

Anyway - mush over. So now that I'm engaged I'm planning a wedding! We're getting married in April in Kingsland, Texas, where Jacob's parents have a beautiful house on the lake. It's an awesome spot and perfect for a wedding.

Now I just need a dress. And a cake! And, well, a billion other things but those are two fun things to find! First we'll look at cakes, then move on to the dress.

Now I know there are a billion traditional cakes out there, but they're all kind of boring. How cool would it be to have a gothed out cake instead?!

Check these amazing cakes out!!!

What do you think? Goth wedding cake or stick with something traditional? :)


Monday, September 28, 2009

New Boys that Bite!

I got my author copies!! They're sooo pretty!


On store shelves soon!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blood Coven Video Blog Update

Sorry so wide - I forgot to turn off the HD setting on my camera!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Facebook - finally!

I finally created a Blood Coven fanspace on Facebook for those of you who don't like MySpace (or want to join both!) You can check it out and join here.

While I've had a personal Facebook page for a while, I'm not 100 percent familar with the whole fan page stuff. So I hope you guys will help me out and join and contribute to the page!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Blood Coven re-boot ALMOST HERE!

So as many of you know, Berkley has "re-booted" my Blood Coven Vampire series and the release date for the first three re-packaged books is fast approaching. They say we'll start seeing them in stores in the next couple weeks, with the roll-out continuing through November. In addition to the beautiful new covers, they have new back cover copy and I've gone through and updated all the pop culture references and made a few other minor changes. For example Girls that Growl will now end with the cliffhanger ending it was originally supposed to have. I had taken it out originally because we weren't sure if the fourth book would ever be released.

Speaking of the fourth book...Bad Blood is out in January! Not too much longer!! In this book, we go back to Sunny's point of view. And it takes place in the city of sin - Las Vegas. After writing the book, I had a huge urge to go back and visit. Hope to do that in the next year or so. Unfortunately, for those of you who like to collect book editions, there will only be a "new cover" version of Bad Blood - so it won't match your other books if you have the square older editions. It's not a choice I get to make, so I apologize!

Anyway, for those of you who have not yet read the series, here are the new versions and their new back cover copy. You can go to my website for excerpts. Except for Bad Blood - gotta be my MySpace friend to get that excerpt. :)

Two sisters—as different as the sun and the rain. For one, getting into the Blood Coven is to die for. But for the other, getting out could be lethal…

When Sunny McDonald gets dragged to Club Fang by her twin sister Rayne, she doesn’t expect to find anything besides a bunch of Goth kids playing at being vampires. But when some guy mistakes Sunny for her dark-side-loving sister and bites her on the neck, she finds out that his fangs are real—and deadly.

Now, Sunny has less than a week to figure out how to reverse the bite, or else she’s going to end up as the perpetually undead. And not only will she be a vampire, she’ll also be bonded to Magnus—the bloodsucker who bit her—forever. And forever is a really long time…

Two sisters—as different as the sun and the rain. For one, getting into the Blood Cover is to die for, but it seems destiny has something else in mind…

Rayne McDonald had it all figured out. Get turned into a vampire, become the mate of the Blood Coven leader, and live the high-life for all eternity. Too bad the head vamp took a bite out of her twin sister by mistake. Now, not only is Rayne still not a vampire, but she learns she’s a slayer instead—destined to destroy vamps gone bad.

After being recruited by a secret organization, Rayne is given her first mission: infiltrate a seedy bar downtown and expose its vampire owner, Maverick, for purposely spreading a nasty blood virus. Luckily the Blood Coven sends some help—in the form of sexy vampire Jareth. Will vampire and slayer be able to settle their differences and work together to bring down the evil Maverick? Or will they find their own hearts on the line?

Rayne McDonald thought getting into the Blood Coven was the hard part. But now there’s a new breed of trouble in town…and the former slayer and her vampire boyfriend may be the only ones who can stop it.

Now that she’s an official vampire and full-fledged member of The Blood Coven, Rayne assumes her vampire slaying days are over. Sure, she doesn’t have any vampire powers, thanks to a mutated blood virus, but she and Jareth can go out in the sun, which is a pretty good trade-off.

But just when Rayne’s starting to enjoy her afterlife, she’s contacted by Slayer Inc once again. It seems that a member of her high school’s football team has disappeared—and the powers-that-be think the cheerleaders had something to do with it. Now Rayne has to infiltrate the squad before the cheerleaders have a chance to sink their teeth into someone else…

Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship. Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire, and the leader of the Blood Coven. Their differences have never been an issue, until now…

When the Blood Coven decides that Magnus needs a mate to be his co-ruler, Sunny’s humanity puts her out of the running. The Coven’s chosen candidate is Jane Johnson, a magna cum laude graduate of Oxford University who just happens to look like a vampiric celebutante.

Sunny is suspicious of a Rhodes Scholar who can’t answer the most basic poly-sci questions, but Magnus brushes it off as petty jealousy. Still, when the Blood Coven goes to Las Vegas for a vampire convention—where Magnus and Jane’s bonding ceremony will be the main event—Sunny and her sister Rayne secretly tag along. And Sunny’s not going home before she learns the truth about Jane. Because not everything stays in Vegas—especially bad blood…

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

For those of you who like Victorian gothic novels, I've got a recommendation for you. It's actually written by an author friend of mine - my goth dancing partner in crime, to be precise, named Leanna Renee Hieber.

Here she is in all her victorian glory at her book release party this past Monday. Isn't her costume totally amazing? She says in another life she was born a victorian lady and I so believe it!

The book is really cool. Very beautifully written - almost lyrical. Here's the back cover blurb.

What fortune awaited sweet, timid Percy Parker at Athens Academy? Considering how few of Queen Victoria’s Londoners knew of it, the great Romanesque fortress was dreadfully imposing, and little could Percy guess what lay inside. She had never met the powerful and mysterious Professor Alexi Rychman, knew nothing of the growing shadow, the Ripper and other supernatural terrors against which his coterie stood guard. She knew simply that she was different, haunted, with her snow-white hair, pearlescent skin and uncanny gifts. But this arched stone doorway offered a portal to a new life, an education far from the convent—and an invitation to an intimate yet dangerous dance at the threshold of life and death….

Anyway, you can find The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker at bookstores in the romance section. I highly recommend it! :)


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Home from DragonCon

I'm home from Dragon*Con. Am tired, as would be expected, but it was worth it. Still, we crammed a lot into three days. I spoke on five panels, played Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Simi" in the parade, and changed in and out of a lot of costumes.

The panels at Dragon*Con were great- better, I think, than most of the romance industry conventions I've spoken at. The audiences were large and engaged and asked really good, on-topic questions. And I got to learn some stuff myself - from my highly esteemed co-panelists. Cherie Priest cracked me up the most on Vampires vs. Zombies. (She took the side of vampires. I was zombies. Definitely a worthy opponent.)

I also got to panel with (among others) Heather Brewer, Richelle Mead, Stacia Kane, Susan Sizemore, Carol Nelson Douglas, Caitlin Kittredge, Jackie Kessler and Mark Henry. The Urban Fantasy people are so much fun. Definitely my kind of writer peeps.

Here I am at the "Blood and Fur" panel with Richelle Mead and Heather Brewer. YA Vamp authors unite! :)


The panels were all really well attended, which I love!


So anyway - moving on to costumes. Day one I did a steampunk inspired outfit. Dress is from Lip Service, waist cincher handmade and bought off Etsy. I did the wristbands myself from leather and stuff I found at Michael's. Steampunk goggles are from Gothic Rennisance. The clockwork butterfly necklace is also from a vendor off Etsy. It was super cool. Oh and the Victorian lace-up boots were actually from Payless!


Leanna was a beautiful Victorian lady in honor of her new book, "The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker", which was just released.


Costume #2 was me as "Simi" the demon from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. Sherrilyn asked Jacob and I to be in the parade as the official Simi and Acheron (her Dark Hunter hero) We got to ride in a Shelby Mustang in front of thousands of people. It was quite an experience!


Jacob dressed as Michael Jackon on day #1. The geeks at the con were slightly confused, but the people of Atlanta loved him!

DSCN0066 - Copy

That night, we met up with Liz, Cheri and Chris for a Time Traveller's ball.

Check out Liz's hair and top hat!

There were a lot of fabulous costumes at the Time Traveller's Ball. Some pretty, some disturbing.




One of my favorite panels at the Con was with Malcolm McDowell of Clockwork Orange fame. Actually just before the panel we found ourselves sitting one couch over from him! He was just hanging out. I wanted to go up and say hi but I felt too nervous and also didn't want to be intrusive. His panel was great though - learned a lot about the behind the scenes of one of my favorite Kubrick films.


Later - when I find someone with a good pic, I will upload the piece de resistance - my Zombie Bo Peep costume. It is a work of art, let me tell you. Very disturbing art! I got a lot of attention from it, which was fun!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Who's going to see the new covers first?!?

The new Blood Coven covers are ALMOST here! Argh. It's so hard to wait!! But I think you'll start seeing them sometime beginning in September. There's not like an official release date cause they're not new books - but supposedly they'll start showing up in stores any day now.

Sooo who's going to be first to find them? I think we should do a contest! First to find and take a photo of the book - either on the shelves or (preferably) in your hands wins!! I'll come up with a good prize, too. :)

And the countdown begins for Bad Blood as well - four more months til we get that in stores. Unlike the reprints, that book DOES have an official release date: January 5th. A great thing to spend your holiday money on, lol!

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Believe me, I hate waiting as much as you guys do!!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dragon-Con - My Schedule

For any of you who might be attending this year's Dragon-Con convention in Atlanta, GA, here's my workshop schedule. Hope to see some of you there!! :)


Title: A Writer's Guide to Goth & Punk
Time: Fri 01:00 pm Location: Montreal / Vancouver - Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: Explores ways that writers can create believable and accurate goth and punk characters.

Title: Blood and Fur
Time: Fri 10:00 pm Location: A707 - Marriott (Length: 1)
Description: Books about vampires and werewolves are enjoying a flight in popularity. Learn about new blood and the hair-raising resurgence in this growing genre.

Title: Time-Travel and Paranormal: What is it and How Do I Write It?
Time: Sat 11:30 am Location: Manila / Singapore / Hong Kong - Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: The Pros of Time-Travel and Paranormal fiction discuss and answer questions about this fast-growing genre.

Title: Vampires vs. Zombies
Time: Sat 05:30 pm Location: Montreal / Vancouver - Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: Authors judge the pros and cons of the living dead.

Title: Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy
Time: Sun 10:00 am Location: Montreal / Vancouver - Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: Comparing and contrasting two similar but distinct genres.

Friday, August 21, 2009

YouTube Review: Gamer Girl

I love when readers do video reviews - it's so much more personal than just written ones (not that I don't like written ones too - I just like seeing who's doing the review sometimes, lol.) Anyway, here's one I found on YouTube today! :)

And yes, she pronounced my last name right. :) First name - in case you were wondering - is pronounced like MARY. Cause my full name is actually Marianne - so it's just short for that!

If you have a video review for any of my books, email me the link and I'll put it up!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Dance!

Not to be all quoting Lady Gaga, but guys, when you go to a concert, don't just stand there like a lump. The band wants you to get into it. To dance! One of the greatest joys in life is to go dancing! It gives you this amazing euphoric feeling that can't be duplicated.

I went to see goth band VNV Nation last night. (If you've never heard them, you need to check them out. They're teh awesome.) They put on an amazing show. But half the audience just stood there, staring at the stage, doing NOTHING. Sooo boring! Some of the people - I don't even know why they were there! And don't tell me it's all goth to stand there and look mopey - the most dedicated goths I know love to get on the dance floor and get their dance on. It's a chance to express yourself and really feel the music work through your body. It's a beautiful, heavenly experience like no other.

Ronan, the lead singer, was begging people to get into the music and really working it, but it was an uphill battle, let me tell you.

In any case, my boyfriend Jacob and I found a corner and danced all night. I was so sweaty afterwards! But it was worth it!!

Anyway, rant over. Just dance. Rayne and Jareth (and even Sunny for that matter!) will be proud! :)


Friday, July 17, 2009

Boys that Bite - Reader Trailer!

This was sent to me by one of my readers, Angelina Marie. She did an awesome book trailer of Boys that Bite for her senior class project. Check it out - it rocks!! :) I especially love Lucifent. Wonder if that's her little brother?

I love when people make me videos based on my books! (HINT HINT!) In fact the new website I'm developing will have a whole section of reader artwork and films.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Artwork!

Computer generated artwork today! Found on Deviant Art. I believe they're both made with SIMS. Funny cause I recently got SIMS 3 and made Sunny and Rayne Sims too! Sunny now has 5 kids and Rayne is a rock star! haha.

First - Sunny and Rayne, dressed as they would.

Rayne and Sunny McDonald by ~Chuckyfan4lyf on deviantART

And whoah - scandal! Mangus and Rayne!!! Where's Sunny?!?

Scene for Stake That by ~Chuckyfan4lyf on deviantART

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nine Author NYC Book Signing!

Now here's the event you've been waiting for! Nine authors (including me!!) will be at Books of Wonder in New York City on Saturday, July 25th, from 2pm to 4pm. Stop by and buy a book or nine and say hello!

Participating Authors:

Lauren Barnholdt, author of Two-Way Street, The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney, Four Truths and Lie, and others
Sarah Cross, author of Dull Boy
Erin Dionne, author of Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies
Heather Duffy-Stone, author of This is What I Want to Tell you
Mandy Hubbard, author of Prada and Prejudice
Julie Linker, author of Crowned, Disenchanted Princess
Sarah MacLean, author of The Season
Mari Mancusi, author of Boys that Bite, Girls that Growl, Stake That!, Gamer Girl and others
Michelle Zink, author of Prophecy of the Sisters