Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Hey all, I know I never get around to updating this blog. (You should go to my regular blog: www.mariannem.blogspot.com for more regular updates!) But I did want to post and say that book #3 in the Blood Coven series, GIRLS THAT GROWL, has been released!

She's a vampire. She's also a vampire slayer. (It's a long story, don't ask.) And now Rayne McDonald, Goth girl, has to carry out her most deviant mission yet: trying out for the cheerleading squad.

Rayne already has enough on her plate: her twin keeps whining about whether or not to go all the way; her mom's boyfriend is moving in; and her man, Jareth, who's now allowed out in the sun, has turned from a dark, brooding hottie vamp into a surfer dude.

But this vampire slayer is still on the clock, and she has a new assignment. A member of the football team has disappeared-and her bosses at Slayer Inc. think the cheerleaders had something to do with it. Now they want her to infiltrate the squad and get the dirt. But first, she'll need an extreme prep makeover. If only they'd let her wear fishnets under that revolting uniform...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Updated Video

I did another webcam video to talk about the future of (or lack of future of) the BOYS THAT BITE series. Watch and then join with me to help spread the word before it's too late!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Plea - Help Me Save the Series!!!

Hey all,

So I just wanted to post this to keep you updated on the series and where it's headed. As most of you know, Girls that Growl, book #3, will be out in October. That's the good news.

Here's the not so good news:

I've been talking to my editor about book #4 in the series- which is tenatively titled "See Jane Bite." And she says that they need to see a lot of sales from Stake That before they can commit to continuing the series. You see, it turns out that while Boys that Bite is still really popular (they even had to print more copies cause they ran out!) Stake That has not sold nearly as many books! (Poor Rayne!)

Sooo I wanted to let you guys know this is happening cause I feel if we band together we can make a fourth book happen! I want to write it - you want to read it, right??? So now all we have to do is convince the publisher to buy it and publish it - and that means we have to show them that there is a demand for the book.

So I never do this but I am pleading with you now. If you read and liked Stake That, go forth and spread the word!! Tell your classmates, put it on your blogs, tell your libraries to order it and get bookstores to stock it. Post on message boards, tell your teachers, create book clubs, give it as a gift. If you can't find it in a bookstore ask them to order it or buy it off Amazon.

It's amazing what people can accomplish when they all work together. And I truly believe if we harness all our power we can keep the series alive!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some questions answered

Hey all!

Hope you had a good holiday and new year. I did, though in a way I'm glad it's over because holidays are not so good when you're on book deadline like me. I've got less than a month now to finish my book "Moongazer" and get it turned in. I did get some cover art for the book and it looks really cool - like a dark manga novel. Will be able to post it soon, I'm sure.

Thanks to everyone who's written saying they liked Stake That! I'm so glad to hear it!! I get the same questions often so let me try to answer some of them here:

1) Who's the narrator of book 3?

Rayne returns as narrator of book #3, Girls that Growl. But don't worry Sunny fans! Sunny will be back narrating in book 4. (Working title is "See Jayne Bite")

2) When does Girls that Growl come out?

Girls that Growl comes out in October of this year. Just in time for Halloween!

3) How many books are going to be in the series?

Not sure. As many as my publisher will let me write! I have a plotline in my head for at least a book five...

4) Why do I have to wait so long between books?

Authors don't get to choose when their books come out. That's up to the publisher. Plus I also write adult romance books and I have a full time job. Sadly I can't write as fast as you guys read!

5) Can you come to my town for a booksigning?

Again, sadly, I have that pesky full time job so I can't travel very often. I will be going to Texas twice this year though (Houston and Dallas) - in April and July and will be signing books then.

6) How can I get your autograph if you can't come to my town?

If you send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, I can send you a special autographed sticker that can be stuck in the front of the book. And I will personalize the book to you if you include your name. :) Or you can send me your copy of the book and I'll mail it back signed.

Address to send to is: Marianne Mancusi PO Box 8003 Boston, MA 02113

7) Are the books ever going to be movies or books?

There's nothing in the works, but I definitely think it'd be cool if they were! So you never know!!

8) What other kinds of books do you write?

I write adult comedy romances - time travels and such - under the name Marianne Mancusi. I have another website for those: www.mariannemancusi.com

9) Do you like to read other vampire books?

Yes! I grew up reading Anne Rice and I now love lots of vampire authors including Laurell K. Hamilton, Christine Feehan, Katie MacAlister, Stephanie Meyer, Rachel Caine, etc. etc. I'm always looking for new authors to add to my to-be-read pile.

Okay, that's all I can think of for now! Hope this helps!