Thursday, March 26, 2009


I thought you guys might like to see a photo of my baby - Molly! :)

molly cute

Isn't she cute!! She's almost thirteen years old now - quite the senior citizen! But she's still frisky, at least when her arthritis isn't acting up. She loves to cuddle, too and is really soft.

I've had her since she was only a year old. The people who had her before me neglected her and treated her badly - and she almost died of heartworm disease! So it was so lucky I was able to find her and give her a good home! Now she's SOOO spoiled - I bet she doesn't even remember the old days of being tied to a tree and abused. Hope not, anyway!!

Tell me about your pets!!


Karen W. said...

Molly is gorgeous! And what a sweet face. It's even nicer to know you've given her a happy, new life! Bless you both.

BuBBleZ said...

awwwwww shes soooooo cute i hav 2 dogs and both r spoiled i hav a boxer blue healer (cattle dog for those who dont no wat blue healer is) and then i hav a boxer there so cute but u saved ur dog now ur her angel