Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Done! w00t!

Sorry I've been a slacker on the blog front for the last few days! I've been hard at work on doing my revisions for BAD BLOOD, which, I'm happy to say, I passed into my editor yesterday! w00t! Now she will send the final version on to the copyeditor, where they make sure all my grammar and facts are straight! Once they do a round of editing, I get the manuscript sent back so I can approve (or not approve) all their changes.

I have a love/hate relationsuip with copyeditors. Some are amazing and will save your life pointing out continuity errors like "Aren't her eyes brown, not blue?" Other times they'll change the most ridiculous things. Like, for the instant messages in GAMER GIRL, the copy editor wanted to change everyhing into perfectly correct punctuation and spelling. Like, she was so not into !!!!!111!!!11 as an acceptable exclamation. She didn't understand what <3 was or any of the other abreviations/slang I used and so she tried to change them all into proper English. As if. That's where the power of STET comes in. If an author writes STET next to a change, that means DON'T MESS WITH THE ORIGINAL, MISS COPYEDITOR! :)

Soo we'll see how the Bad Blood copyeditor does. There's actually no IM'ing in this book so she should have an easy time of it. (The twins are in Vegas for almost the entire story, and thus not near a computer.)

In any case - BOOK FINISHED AND TURNED IN!!! One step closer to it being released.

Now I'm going back to the book I was working on before BAD BLOOD got sold. It's called The Camelot Code and is an Arthurian adventure.



krisishalfsang said...

ok so im really loving ur book gamer girl. its like ur character stole my life but then became more punk like. cuz she even uses words that i do. like vamp, squee, etc. and when u mentioned vampire knight i almost had a heart attack. if u like manga i suggest full metal alchemist. i read more books then is humanly possible to count (novel and manga) and its either the best or one of. its a shonen tho so idk if ur in2 that. and do u no a manga contest where u could win 10 thousand cuz id be all over that. im an artist type too but i dont lik e2 use the word artist. so yeah good job on the book, i can hardly put it down.

krisishalfsang said...

o yeah and i no this blog has nothing 2 do with said book. XP