Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Boys that Bite for $4.00?? Gurls that Growl for $2.99?? Yes!!!

I just noticed that Amazon is having a sale on BOYS THAT BITE and GIRLS THAT GROWL. Probably to get rid of all the OLD VERSIONS before the brand spanking new versions hit this fall! So if you're curious about the series or have only read a library version - go get yourself to Amazon and place an order! (Or have your parents do it.) Remember, they're changing the covers of these books very, very soon and so these old versions are going to be the collector's items! :)

Amazon Boys that Bite for $4.00

Amazon Girls that Growl - $2.99

Yay, cheap books!!!


Anonymous said...

i really want to buy them b4 they change the covers but my parnets disapprove of online buying. should i like go ..where????

Marianne Mancusi said...

You can go to your local bookstore and ask them to order the books. They will get them in about a week later and they will call you to let you know they arrived. You don't have to pay until you go back and pick up the books. So that is the best way if you want to pay cash. You won't get the sale price though. That's online only.

Good luck!!

Suzy :D said...

I'm crying tears of joy right now. When I moved I lost a lot of books. Thankfully, I found all of them, except Girls that Growl, which is the only book I wanna read right not >.>