Monday, August 31, 2015

Where to find me at DragonCon

Hey all,

For those who are heading to Atlanta this weekend for DragonCon, I wanted to give you a head's up as to where you can see me speak or get me to sign. I'll have copies of SMOKED on hand - as well as copies of Scorched and Shattered and also Gamer Girl and The Camelot Code. 

And, most importantly, COSTUMES!!! 

My live-action Cinderella dress... Hopefully it will fit in my suitcase!

First up, here is my speaking schedule: 

Title: Tropes in YA
Description: What are the popular themes in YA? Join us for a discussion of common tropes in all their forms.
Time: Fri 10:00 am  Location: A707 - Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Mari Mancusi, Todd McCaffrey, Kathryn Hinds, Melissa Grey)

Title: Finding the Teen/Middle Grade Reader Within
Description: How does an adult develop strategies and write novels that kids will relate to? Is the YA market feasible for you?
Time: Sat 01:00 pm  Location: Embassy D-F - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Stephen L. Antczak, Cinda Williams Chima, Mari Mancusi, Lisa Mantchev, E. C. Myers, Sara Raasch, James Hugh Reeves)

Title: Autograph Session
Time: Sat 05:30 pm  Location: International Hall South - Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: A. J. Hartley, Mari Mancusi, Naomi Novik)

Title: Giving Voice to the Other: Young Adult UF
Description: Our panel of authors discusses how the paranormal/UF genre speaks to young adults through its portrayal of "otherness."
Time: Sun 05:30 pm  Location: Chastain ED - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Zac Brewer, Delilah S. Dawson, Mari Mancusi, Sarah Nicolas, Tamsin L. Silver, Christi J. Whitney)

Title: Undead With a Purpose: iZombie
Description: A moderated fan-panel discussion of the new hit show's first season
Time: Sun 07:00 pm  Location: Chastain ED - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Kevin Bachelder, Mari Mancusi, Karen E. Taylor)

Title: Teenage Wasteland
Description: Young adult characters in horror and dark fantasy fiction
Time: Mon 11:30 am  Location: Peachtree 1-2 - Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: James R. Tuck, Peter Adam Salomon, Mari Mancusi, Catherine M Scully, Madeleine Roux, Ted Naifeh)

I will also be selling/signing books at the Tairen's Lair booth in the vendor area. This is located at 1223 and 1225 in America's Mart by the Westin. I will be there a lot when I'm not paneling, but I have some specific times I will DEFINITELY be there if you want to make sure to catch me. 

Friday 1-4pm. 
Saturday: 10-11:30, 2:30-4:30pm
Sunday: TBA
Monday 1-2pm 4-4:30pm

If you can't make any of those times but you still want to meet up to get a book, you can always PM me on Facebook or tweet me on Twitter and we can arrange a meet up. 

Also, in case you're just looking for me in the crowd, I may be in disguise! I'm doing the following costumes while there:

Princess Celestia from My Little Pony

Cinderella (live action version)

Elsa from Frozen (with my partner in crime Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat)

Queen Cersei from Game of Thrones (with my brother Jamie)

Violet from American Horror Story Season One, Murder House (With my partner in crime, Tate)