Monday, November 09, 2009

Blogging over at my agent's blog today

My blog tour continues as I travel cyberspace to promote the Blood Coven!! :)

Today I'm over at my agent, Kristin Nelson's, blog, talking about how for a while the future of the Blood Coven series seemed very dim indeed, but through determination and stubborness galore, we were able to get not only Book #4 published in the US, but also the revamped first three books!

Hope you'll take a few moments to stop by and read. And for those of you in similar situations, or just trying to get your first book published, I hope it will be a story of inspiration for you. I know the book business is tough. But you should never give up. Never surrender. :)


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Bee said...

I came across the blood coven series and this blog after reading your post on Kristen Nelson's blog.
That was such an awesome post! I'm so happy for you are such an inspiration. I swear, I'm never ever gonna give up. You just made me believe that someday perseverance will pay off :D