Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Planning!

So as if the re-release of the Blood Coven Vampire books and the upcoming Bad Blood wasn't enough - two weeks ago I actually GOT ENGAGED! Yes! To the love of my life, Jacob. I couldn't write a better happily ever after than that! We are best friends and like the same things - just perfect for one another.

Anyway - mush over. So now that I'm engaged I'm planning a wedding! We're getting married in April in Kingsland, Texas, where Jacob's parents have a beautiful house on the lake. It's an awesome spot and perfect for a wedding.

Now I just need a dress. And a cake! And, well, a billion other things but those are two fun things to find! First we'll look at cakes, then move on to the dress.

Now I know there are a billion traditional cakes out there, but they're all kind of boring. How cool would it be to have a gothed out cake instead?!

Check these amazing cakes out!!!

What do you think? Goth wedding cake or stick with something traditional? :)



Unknown said...

I thought that the bottom two cakes were a nice blend of goth and tradition. Like Joey from friends says: "put those hands together".

Unknown said...

Oh my God! Congradulations!!!!
And some of those cakes are *so* cool. I'm not much into goth-kinda stuff, but those last two cakes were beautiful, and I love the one with the characters from Corpse Bride. I absoulutely LOVE that movie. Well, anything Tim Burton really, but I love corpse bride because of the happy ending.

Again, congrats. =D

linzReads said...

I love the first 3, they're gorgeous! I would definitely go for the goth inspired cake. I would never settle for ordinary. So I choose goth. But it is your wedding so get what you want and have the best wedding ever!

Alexandra said...

Congrats :)
Those cakes are really amazing, but I agree with Bircheeta try to combine goth with traditional and it will be amazing

Ezra said...

Congrats again too you both.
I like tose cakes i really like the 2 one..i think it would be cool if you do that. dare to be diffent *smiles* its your day your the star

Sierra said...

goth it up mari, dont be afarid!!!
i'd go with the Corpse Bride cake, thats my most fav movie ever, well that and Edward Sissorhands.

ReggieWrites said...

Congrats on your wedding! I hope you and your husband have an amazing life together =) I like the first cake best though! It looks really cool!