Thursday, October 08, 2009

Another wedding poll

You guys had great thoughts on wedding cakes so here's round #2.

Yay or nay to this dress?

The reasons I like it: It's simple but classy. My wedding is going to be outdoors so I need something light and breathable, unlike a big fancy ballgown you might get if you were getting married in a cathedral. Also I like lace rather than satin because I think it looks more vintage--almost victorian. I might even go for ivory instead of white if I got this one.

Thoughts? :)



Empress Awesome said...

It's gorgeous! I'm not really sure if I like the top, there's zero shape to it (although, I'm pretty small up top so I need more shape to look good) But the skirt is lovely! Is there a train in the back? That would make it even better.

ReggieWrites said...

I love it! It's beautiful! I think it's perfect just the way it is =)

linzReads said...

I think this is the one. I like it much better than #2. I'm more simple though, so depending on the feel and style you are going for, #1 for simple but classy, and #2 for more out there and flashy. But overall, I love the first. Congrats on your engagment!

BuBBleZ said...

this dress allllll the way its beautifully desighned and it would be prefect for ur wedding and i think u would look gorgous in it

ezra said...

I like this dress its verry pretty.and it dont look like it be that hot

Anonymous said...

I have this dress for sale- it is brand new.

Stacey Cee. said...

Im getting married in this dress
in September of this year! =)
None of the pics that i've found of it online do it Any justice at all,
the dress is a million times more gorgeous in person.