Monday, September 14, 2015

HERE BE DRAGONS (And authors!)

Because I was at DragonCon last week and the week before my book release signings are happening this week instead! So excited to visit bookstores and meet readers and sign books--it's one of my favorite parts of the job! After all, writing can be a solitary venture, sitting at home all day, all alone, with only the interwebs to keep me company. (aka distract me!)

On Weds, Sept 16th at 7pm I will be doing a talk and signing at BOOK PEOPLE in Austin, one of the country's most awesome independent bookstores. I am always so honored when they invite me to sign--as some of the biggest authors in the world have sat in these chairs. (It can also be a bit intimidating but the staff is so supportive to local authors!) So I'm definitely looking forward to that!

And then, as you can see above, I'll also be signing at Barnes and Noble in San Antonio (the La Cantera one) on Saturday at 2pm. I was supposed to actually sign with them back in the summer along with a few other authors and ended up having to miss. So I'm excited to be invited back! Especially with such an AMAZING display at the store. This is something you don't always think about when an author does a bookstore visit. While you may only be in the store for a couple hours, actually signing books, displays like these can really draw attention and bring in potential new readers!

Also, the dragon stuff animals are SUPER CUTE. I totally have to take one (okay maybe more than one) home with me after the signing!!

Later in the month I will also be doing a signing at the Barnes and Noble in McAllen, Texas with PJ Hoover.

In addition to signings I've got a lot of other cool stuff coming up. For example, I was honored to be chosen as one of the authors for the TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL on the weekend of September 17th. And I'll be hanging in costume, signing and selling books, at AUSTIN COMIC CON (Wizard World) over Halloween weekend. And then there's perhaps the most exciting event of all - YALL FEST in November! This will be my very first YALL FEST and I'm so thrilled to get to take part!

I'm also hoping to set up school visits and Skype visits this fall so if you're a teacher or librarian interested in scheduling something, definitely let me know!

In the meantime, hope to see you at a bookstore near you! :)


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