Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hey all, 

When I started writing the Scorched series, one of the most interesting parts was imagining how people in our time would react to seeing dragons in real life. How would they react? What would they do? Would they be frightened, fascinated—maybe a little of each? Would the cable news stations debate the reality of their existence? Would the government come in and try to take them down—or use them for their own gain and cover it up in an X-Files’esque type conspiracy?

And most importantly, would people upload their dragon sightings to YouTube? Would they take dragon selfies?

In Smoked, Team Dragon launches a social media campaign to help Emmy gain recognition and acceptance in our world. It was fun to imagine how a group would promote dragons and make them go viral. As part of my research, I went and looked on YouTube to see if there were any dragon sightings already uploaded. And, to my surprise (and delight) there were!

I compiled a few fun ones for you to check out. Fact? Fiction? Real? Fake? You’ll have to decide…

“Real Dragon Caught on Camera”

“Real Dragon sightings in China” (This one is hard to see at first, but once you watch for a minute it’s really cool.)

Ball field dragon sighting  (Just like Emmy landing in the football field!)

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