Friday, September 25, 2015

Book + Jewelry = win!

I'm so pleased to have Gamer Girl back in the Scholastic Book Fair this year! And even better? This time it comes packaged with its own jewelry! Two little 8-bit-style heart necklaces - just like the kind of you used to be able to find in old Zelda games!! Now you can wear your lives around your neck when venturing out your quests!!

Scholastic was nice enough to send me two necklaces and one of the newly licensed versions of the book itself! I'm hoping this promotion will introduce Gamer Girl and Fields of Fantasy to a whole new group of readers!! It's kind of crazy--the book first came out back in 2008 -- seven years ago!! My life was COMPLETELY different back then...I was living in New York City, working as a TV producer for a national news magazine show, and I had just met my boyfriend (now husband!) If only I had known then, where I'd be eight years later -- and that the book was still being distributed to readers -- I think I would have been pretty happy, to say the least!!

In any case, whether you get Gamer Girl from Scholastic -- or at your local bookstore or online -- I hope you enjoy Maddy's adventures - both online and in Fields of Fantasy!!

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