Friday, June 21, 2013

Want signed copies of my books? Two great deals!

Hey all,

Happy first day of summer! I can't believe how fast this year has been going by! Scorched will be out in stores before you know it!!

In the meantime, I've teamed up with a local bookstore here in Texas to offer readers some great opportunities to score signed copies of my books.

The Book Spot currently has two specials available:


That's all EIGHT books -- all autographed by me -- for only 50 bucks - which, if you do the math - is a $30 dollar savings. AND as a bonus, you'll get a personalize thank you card from you to me. Also makes a great gift - I can make the thank you card a birthday card to your recipient if you prefer. Just let them know when you order.


Want an autographed copy of Scorched when it comes out in September? Pre-order from The Book Spot and when the book is officially released they'll send you a personalized autographed copy right to your front door. (Or mailbox, as the case might be!) Right now, if you pre-order, you can get shipping for only 99 cents.

Great specials, right? And remember, if you're missing one or two of my books from your collection you can order those from The Book Spot as well. As always, they will have me personally autograph them to you. And they cost the same amount as they would if un-signed.

Want to know more? Here's the link to my storefront at The Book Spot. Tell them I sent you! :)



miki said...

Great news but undfortunately as international readers those are not for me. still i really want to read scorched

Mari Mancusi said...

Hey Miki,

Actually the Book Spot will ship internationally! And you can always try The Book Depository-- they offer free international shipping. :)

miki said...

oh that's quite a good news thank you^^ as for bookdepo it's already on my wishlist there^^