Monday, June 03, 2013

BEA Wrap-Up Day 2

Hey all,

I'm actually back home from NYC after an amazing BEA. So much happened that I couldn't possibly contain it in one blog post so I hope you'll bear with me for a few days of wrap-up posts!

Day 2 (Thursday) Diana and I headed to the Javits Center bright and early so she could sign copies of Across a Starswept Sea in the author signing area. She had quite the turn-out, let me tell you! And she wore a really amazing ship fascinator on her head, since her books have a nautical theme.

I also had a signing that day - for a charity anthology put out by Month 9 Books. The anthology (out in October) is called Very Superstitious. All the proceeds go to the SPCA. I contributed a short story called "Gift of the Were Magi" loosely based on the 1906 story by O Henry "Gift of the Magi." But mine is about werewolves. Cause, you know.

The cover is really cute yet for the life of me I can't find it online anywhere. When I get a JPG I will post!

Though my Scorched signing was for the following day I did stop by the Sourcebooks booth to check things out. When I got there, I scoped out a small display for YA titles and was a little disappointed that there was no poster of Scorched. "Well," I thought, "I know they do have other books to promote. Maybe next year."

THEN I turned around.

Oh. OK. Maybe my publisher does love me a little bit. :) And being up there with Jessica Lange and Elmo - well, I consider myself in good company! It's hard to get a perspective on the actual size of the poster from photos, but believe me, it was freaking huge. You couldn't miss it. Dragons FTW!

I also had lots of dragon stuff to give away...but failed to give much of it away at all. :( Sometimes you just get caught up in the moment and forget you have dragons in your bag. It happens.

Speaking of dragon goodies! Diana gave me this amazing dragon eye bracelet she found on Etsy! Isn't it tooo awesome. Seriously, I think Etsy will be the death of both of us.

We spent the day wandering around the Expo and checking out all the cool booths and trying to resist taking home too many free books. One booth had these amazing full size lego guys! So cool!

Getting to meet readers is one of the perks of BEA. Kate Tilton stopped by the Month 9 Books with her entire collection of my books and had me sign them!

And it's fun to get to see author friends too. Here are the YA writer girls: me, Ally Carter, Simone Elkeles, and Diana Peterfreund.

I also met up with my agent, Kristin Nelson, and had drinks and appetizers at the Red Cat while plotting world domination.

That evening there were parties. LOTS of parties. I tried to hit the Foundry party that Stephen Barbara invited me too (Diana still laughs about how he came up to me at the booth and was like "There you are...MOTHER OF DRAGONS!") But the party was packed, so I left pretty quickly. I was supposed to hit the blogger rooftop party as well, but it conflicted with the Mortal Instruments party. So I'm sorry if I missed any of you there.

BTW I heard some naughty behavior took place at the rooftop party--people stealing ARCs of Scorched from the giveaway bags to make sure they got copies. Heh heh. I mean, TSK TSK!

But yeah, I headed to the Lower East Side to meet Diana at the Mortal Instruments party. It took place in an old temple-turned-event-space and was Ah-MAZ-ing. Looked like the freaking Institute from the books!

And they had all sorts of props from the movie. The Mortal Cup, the stele, the ring, etc.

And you could get your own runes drawn! 

We got to see a great never-before-seen clip of the film (OHMIGOD I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!) and drank blood orange margaritas. Seriously, it was an awesome party.

After that, a bunch of us (including the star of the night, the lovely and hilarious Cassie Clare herself) and ate loads of  pierogis at a nearby Ukrainian diner. Yum!!!

I don't think we crawled into bed until after 1am. Tired, but happy and ready for day 2!!



E.J. Wesley said...

What a fantastic time! You all painted the town for sure. :D

Kate Tilton said...

I was so fun to get to meet you finally!!!
I had a pretty big collection growing ;).

Hopefully it won't be the last time I get to see you!