Tuesday, June 04, 2013

We interrupt your BEA recap for a special Scorched announcement...

Hey all,

More BEA recap soon - I promise! After all, next up is my fabulously fun Scorched ARC signing and my custom dragon dress!

But I did want to mention that those of you who prefer your books of the "e" variety - you can now pre-order yourself a digital copy of Scorched. The pre-purchase price is discounted from the regular price so there is incentive to ordering early. PLUS you can ensure your copy is in your hot little hands at midnight on the day it comes out.

Which, you know, is made of awesome.

Here are the links for the digital versions that are currently available:




Also, if you prefer your books hardcover, you can also pre-order Scorched and have it shipped right to your door. The pre-order prices are heavily discounted so if you're going to buy it anyway - might as well get the sale price!

Barnes and Noble



Also, in case you were wondering, bookstores and publishers pay attention to pre-sales and they WILL affect the ultimate release of the book. (More pre-orders = more orders from bookstores/added exposure = very happy author and publisher!) So if you want to help me make this book a success, go forth and pre-order and I will <3 forever="" p="" you="">

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