Monday, February 13, 2012

First Kiss Guest Blogger - PJ Sharon - and Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Skater Boy - the first book in the "First Kiss Club" I've been asking some fellow authors to tell me a first kiss story of their own! This one comes from PJ Sharon, author of the ebook "Heaven is for Heroes" and "On Thin Ice."

And the best part? You can win a copy for yourself along with a $50 Amazon gift card!! Just read her story and see below how to enter! There will be more chances to win each week and the winner will be chosen on the last day of February.

Without further's Jordie and Alex's first kiss story!! :)

He stood and faced me, a good four inches taller than my 5’10” and looking down at me with a smirk and a stubborn set to his bruised jaw. The green in his eyes sparkled and I felt myself caving already. As soon as he put his hands on my shoulders I knew I was doomed. “I need you to go home and give me a day. Just a day,” he added before I could cut him off with an argument. “I need to do this alone. Let me look over the file and see if it clears up any questions. I promise I’ll call you tomorrow and tell you what I find.”

The unexpected power of his proximity and strength of his hands on my arms made me weak-kneed and unable to stand my ground. And if I wasn’t dissuaded already, I all but swooned when he leaned in and laid a gentle kiss on my forehead. He was fighting dirty and I didn’t care. I soaked in the sensation of his soft lips and the tingle that shimmied all the way to my toes. When he looked down into my eyes, the expression on his face rendered me speechless. All those sharp angles disappeared in a softness that reminded me of warm summer days when he was just a boy, of climbing trees, swimming in the lake and racing to the dock. I could swim in those eyes and never come up for air.

My heart fluttered and my cheeks grew warm, the silence between us filled with a hundred memories and one long moment that could change us both forever. I studied the curve of his lips, imagining how they would taste and feel against mine, willing him to kiss me. I laid my hands tentatively on his chest, struck by the firmness under my fingertips. His heart hammered and mine skipped a beat faster to match his. Breathe, I reminded myself.

He was inches away, his voice barely above a whisper. “No matter what I find in that file, I want you to know…you have given me…well… you helped me find me again, and I’ll never forget it.”

Tears stung behind my eyes and I blinked them back. The intensity built to a thunderous wave crashing in my head, his words touching me deeply. I had to tell him how much he meant to me. I knew it was a terrible risk (a flash coming to mind of the last time I had said the words), but he had to know. “Coop…you know I…”

Before I could say it, he kissed me. Those lips I’d been imagining were suddenly pressed against mine, moist and warm and soft. A groan escaped as my whole body surrendered to the moment, reveled in the contact between us, wanting more than I knew I should. I kissed him back, pressing my body against him and wrapping my arms around his neck to pull him closer. His hands went to the small of my back to hold me there as if I might pull away—an unlikely possibility from where I stood. I had dreamed of this moment since I was old enough to know Alex was the only boy I wanted to kiss. Now I was in his arms, wrapped in the strength, tenderness, and passion I’d always known was Alex.
Whoa! Pretty hot, huh? :) Makes you want to read the rest! Here's how you can get your hands on a copy.

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And you can find PJ Sharon online at

About PJ Sharon

PJ Sharon is author of several independently published, contemporary young adult novels, including HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES. Her stories have garnered several contest finals, including two awards for ON THIN ICE, and a place in the prestigious Valley Forge Romance Writers and the Florida Romance Writers Golden Palm contest for SAVAGE CINDERELLA.

Writing romantic fiction for the past six years, and following her destiny to write Extraordinary stories of an average teenage life, PJ is a member of RWA, CTRWA, and YARWA. She is mother to two grown sons and lives with her husband and her dog in the Berkshire Hills of Western MA.

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blackroze37 AT said...

wow love the excerpt! a great first kiss
mine was thru a bedroom window that was broke out , and YUCK ,lol

PJ Sharon said...

That's the best part of writing fiction. You get to rewrite history and make stuff up. Lol. I don't think many of us enjoyed a first kiss like Jordie and Alex, but it sure is fun to imagine, right? Thanks for commenting.

donnas said...

It was one night after work after just getting to my car. A complete surprise.