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First Kiss Blogger - L. L. Muir - AND GIVEAWAY

Got another great First Kiss excerpt for you today. This one's from author L. L. Muir who wrote the awesomely titled YA paranormal, "Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow." Yeah, I totally now aspire to use "freaking" in a title someday! I know Rayne would approve. :) It's book one of the "Angels of Somerled" series.

You know the drill by now! Read the except and enter to win! We're giving away a copy of the book and a $50 gift card to Amazon at the end of February. Not much time left!!!

TODAY I want you to tell me about your BEST KISS EVER!!! (And I promise not to tell your current squeeze if it wasn't from him...) ;-)

And now... here's a first kiss except from "Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow." (Man, do I freaking love that title!!

His hand smoothed over the abused leather of the door. “Sorry. I’m not the tantrum type. I promise.”

He’d changed the subject. She took the hint.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s a tough car.”

“Yeah. My Honda would have been totaled.” He faced her and smiled. Then he looked at her mouth and the smile dropped away. While she watched in fascination, Jamison’s arm snaked behind her. “I’m so glad you were here.” He gave her a little hug.

She hugged him back, wishing so much to have been able to feel the pressure of it. When he eventually loosened his hold, she looked in his eyes. Their faces were only inches apart. She could almost taste the warmth of his skin.

She’d imagined all kinds of cravings, for all kinds of flavors during her short existence, but never for the taste of someone.

He was looking at her lips so intently she didn’t dare move them. His lashes were incredibly long, golden brown. His nostrils flared suddenly and the entire world tilted with his face as he moved forward. His mouth met hers as smoothly as...breathing.

She focused her conscious thought to the rise and fall of his chest, to his nearness, and she could have wept for her lack of taste in her mouth or sensation in her lips. For the first time, she mourned for the depth of experience lost to her. This wasn’t the smell or feel of peaches, or the taste of corn coming apart in her mouth. This was mortality beneath her hands, against her fingers...and completely out of her reach.

He pulled his arms from around her, put his hands to either side of her face, and looked into her eyes. And suddenly Skye felt ‘seen’ for the very first time. She imagined her true self inside her head, jumping up and down, waving at him, yelling, “hello!”

She was struggling for the right words to say; something cool, something appropriate—anything that wouldn’t ruin the memory of her first, and possibly only, kiss. Very soon, they were going to go through Hell together and then she’d take her place in the circle. Nothing could stop either from happening, but she had this one mortal-esque memory she could take with her.

If she didn’t say the wrong thing now.

Her lips moved. No words came out, but the movement got his attention and he pulled her mouth close and kissed her again. For a moment, she imagined a tingling in her toes. She pulled back and wiggled them, testing. Nothing.

“Sorry.” Jamison dragged his hands slowly off her face, like a blind man, memorizing.

“Please don’t be sorry. I didn’t mind.”

Oh great. She may as well embroider “take me, take me now,” on her shirt.

He was frowning. “Sorry if I’m not any good. I haven’t kissed much.”

She pulled herself back to her side of the car and looked out the window. No one was gawking through the glass, thank Heavens. A nurse made her way across the parking lot and got into her car.

Wow. Even if she had no sensation and no taste, she still realized what an incredible kisser he was. She’d seen women weep over such kisses, and not in the movies, either. His first serious girlfriend was in for a happy surprise. It shocked her, the sudden understanding she had for women eaten alive with jealousy.

He rubbed his hands on the knees of his jeans. Sweaty palms? Nervous maybe? She needed to acknowledge what he’d said.

“I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you I’ve never kissed anyone before, and even I know that was...staggering.”

His hands stopped moving. He turned to her and grinned.

“Staggering’s good, right?”

“Oh, good. Definitely good.”
Like what you've read? Here's how to buy!! At only $2.99 for the ebook, I'd buy it for the title alone! :)

About Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow
Jamison is crushing on the new girl next door. Bad news—the neighbors are Somerleds--Amish-type cult-members killing off their own. Worse news—she’s next in line for sacrifice. Jamison will have to rise above the coward he thinks he is to get to the bottom of it all.

Something is terribly wrong with Skye. She’s experiencing emotions like the mortal teenager she’s pretending to be. When she finally asks the right questions, she finds answers that will rock the Somerled world...

...and none of her options include Jamison, the boy who has stolen the heart she was never meant to have.

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L.L. Muir said...

Thanks so much for sharing some FREAKING love!


Sandy L. Rowland said...

Great kiss there. I love when the guy doesn't think he's any good and he rocks your world.
Humble and hot sends me.

Sally said...

Best kiss ever is when I ask a guy with a tongue ring if I could kiss him just because I wanted to. It is so NOT like me and I think that is what made the kiss more...just more!

J. Coleman said...

First "hot" kiss was when I asked my boyfriend to teach me how to french kiss. We were in the front seat of his car (remember bench seats?) and by the time I'd mastered the lesson, steady streams of water trailed over the steamed windows on the inside as if it was raining! Yeah. I remember it well.

Cristina said...

Best kiss..hmm. With my first boyfirend. We are still in love. I'm kinda shy girl so our first kiss was like in a movie. He came and he just kissed me and when he said that he is in love with me i was...

Kimberly Krey said...

Nicely done! My favorite first kiss was with my best guy friend who I'd been in love with for years. We've been married now for seventeen years. :)