Thursday, February 23, 2012

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I'm blogging today over at L. L Muir's blog. (See her post on my blog below) I've been trying to set up a lot of guest blogs to help promote my new releases. Sometimes it's tough coming up with topics though. I don't know what people would like to know about! (If anything...haha)

My dad and stepmom are visiting tomorrow so I might be a little MIA. They're coming to see Avalon - who was only 5 weeks old the last time they came. She's changed....a bit. ;-)

Last visit:


Ah time flies when you have a baby!

Speaking of babies -- my book baby, SOUL BOUND is launching in UNDER TWO WEEKS!!! I can't believe we're at #7 in the series. It seems like only yesterday the original Boys that Bite came out. But it was back in 2006--six years ago! That means the original readers are probably graduated from college by now!!

Thank you all for sticking with the series this long and I'm so glad you've enjoyed the adventures of Sunny, Rayne, Magnus and Jareth. (And others!) There's one more book left after Soul Bound...called Blood Forever. Hopefully I can show off the cover soon.

And speaking of covers, check this out!! This is for an upcoming digital release I have. It was originally titled MOONGAZER but I'm updating the book and making it into a YA. It should be released by May. But isn't the cover spectacular? You'll be hearing a lot more about this book soon!!!

In the meantime, thanks for being patient for my other digital re-release, Tomorrow Land. We had to do one more round of copyedits -- after all, don't you hate when a book has errors in it? I know I do! So this way it might take an extra couple weeks to be released, but at least when it it, it'll be perfect! (Or as perfect as possible.) I'm really psyched about this book release -- I have such a soft spot for post-apocalyptic zombies.

BTW if you like zombie books? I highly recommend Amanda Hocking's The Hollows series. It's kind of got the same vibe as Tomorrow Land, really. Kick-butt heroine, zombie apocalypse. But the storyline is quite different. The best part is--the first book is free to download. Seriously - I've paid like 20 bucks for books that I've never finished. And this one I raced through...for free!!

And speaking of the apocalypse -- I will end with a cheesy post-apoc movie recommendation. Thanks to Donna over at the Bites blog. It's called Solar Babies. And is full of awesome. Think post-apoc teens in a desert wasteland...rollerskating. Yeah. You have to see it to believe it. And--bonus--it's got Lost Boys/Less Than Zero's Jamie Gertz and Jason Patric starring.

But don't take my word for it. Watch the trailer in all its cheese. The movie's on Netflix.

I can't top I'll sign off for now! Talk soon!!!


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