Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What are you reading?

Hey guys,

A lot of you ask about the secrets of becoming a writer and one of them is really simple - to read! The best writers are all readers first. By reading you get a sense of plot, sentence structure, character development, developing romance, interjecting humor, etc. etc. When you read a book, think about WHY it works. WHY you like it.

So what have you read recently that you really liked and why?



Anonymous said...

hey, mari!
'kay. here it goes..
i'm meg, from the Philippines.
just yesterday, i happen to find one of your books which is the girls that growl..
i loved it the same instant i found it on the shelf..
it's so fascinating to find books that share the same interests, but, see, i have a little problem..
the book or maybe the printing is defective...
it misses pages 189 to 220..
just imagine my frusration..
seeing page 156 after the first 188, then 221 atfer the second.
please, dont think that i'm telling you this because i'm expecting anything or whatever..
i just want you to be alert on these problems that i might not be the only one enduring..
if you ever want to tell me whatever, pls. e-mail me..
i honestly loved the book, despite the defect..
those kinds of books are my only obssession and you may say stress reliever in the extremely difficult challenge of college..

yours trully,

e-mail add:

do you have a friendster account??

Marianne Mancusi said...

Hi Meg!

I'm sorry you got a defective book. I know some of the Girls that Growl books had a problem during their first printing. :(

Would you like me to send you a copy by email of the missing pages so you can read them?

Oh and I don't have Friendster, but I do have MySpace. I'm at:

Let me know if you want me to email you the missing pages!!! I feel sad that you aren't able to finish the book!


Anonymous said...

i've read your gamer girl!
I loved it so much!
i read from my favorite part in chapter 21
plz make a story after gamer girl include the same characters

Anonymous said...

maybe you sould create where maddy starr,and chad start to be together,and start dating. and chad doesn't know. Meanwhile... maddy is hoping he says yes. And since chad isn't responding, she thinks if this is just another fields of fantasy. when chad says yes(finaly) maddy's mom isn't sure. do you like this idea? if you tell me.
p.s do you have a windows live account?