Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Contest Winners

You guys rock! Thanks so much for re-posting the video!!!

Kaitlyn, posting on my MySpace blog, wins the grand prize for what she did to spread the word. Here it is, in her words:

I made flyers and put them up all over my street. (I have a VERY big neighborhood with a lot of kids and teens) I handed out a few flyers at school (only the leftovers) I put a flyer on 3 bulletin boards at my school. (Cafeteria and 6th and 8th grade hallways) i had my mom take a flyer and put one up on the bulletin board at the store. I posted a blog on my MySpace and I made a bulletin. (Oh, by the way, all of these, flyers included, have the link to the YouTube video. and some info about you and the books.) I used the YouTube video as my current event in social studies so all of the people in my class saw it, (and I know a bunch of people wrote down the video link) I emailed my library the link. I FORCED my 4 best friends go buy boys that bite and they are all hopefully reading it as we speak. I both emailed my school library and spoke with the librarian in person and told her watch the video, and post it on our school library site (we'll see if she does...she doesn’t like me very much) haha. I told all of my little sisters friends. Ummm, I think that’s it

That's quite a bit, Kaitlyn!! I'm impressed.

The rest of you - well, I can't choose - you're all awesome. So email me with your addresses ( and I'll send you all some kind of prize in the mail!


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