Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Contest!!

As I mentioned before, my friend/fellow YA author, Melissa Walker and I were recently featured in a segment airing on Better TV. You can find it on YouTube and on my MySpace homepage. Melissa's running a contest to help spread the word and get some video views, so I decided to do the same! (I've cross-posted this on MySpace as well.)

The rules are simple: You re-post the video on your blog or MySpace or Facebook or send the link to all your friends or local librarian - just get people to watch it! Then comment below and let me know wht you did. I will pick four winners from all the entries to send special prize packs to them.

The person who does the most gets an autographed copy of ANYof my books - your choice! - along with a tube of glitter lipgloss and a BITE ME pin. Three runner ups will get autographed bookmark, BITE ME pin, and a lipgloss (which may or may not be glitter - depending on what I have in my stash, lol.)

The great thing about this is not only winning, but spreading the word about the books! We want as many Blood Coven and Gamer Girl fans out there as possible so the publishers will keep letting me write the books you want to read!!

Here's the video!



HeatherMarie said...

Hey there, well so far I've posted the video to my blog. I'm gonna try to get it up on my MySpace blog as well later today. I've also mentioned it over on Dakota Cassidy's yahoo loop with a link to my blog for everyone to check it out. :)

Melissa Walker said...

Oooh, I'll mention your contest on my blog too!

Ceridwen83 said...

I posted the video and let everyone know about the contest on my blog. I loved Gamer Girl I actually just reviewed it a few weeks ago :)

Thao said...

I posted the video on my blog and told my friends and my cousins to watch it ^^

Katie said...

I posted the video on my blog.

Megan said...

I put the video on my blog. Or actualy a link.

Marjolein said...

It posted on my blog:


Lalaland said...

I posted the video on my blog.

I twittered.

And I sent an email to my friends to watch the video.

Mona said...

i posted the video on my myspace!
&& sent it to several friends

Mona said...

and here is my myspace url that i posted the video on


Erika Lynn said...

I posted it on my blog

Genevieve said...

Hi! I saw the link Melissa Walker put on her blog. I already posted the video on my blog when talking about Violet On The Runway.

Ginny said...

I recently reviewed Gamer Girl, I loved it ~

Here is my contest post ~

Susie said...

hey. i tried e-mailing you(from the e-mail that was on your site) but it wouldnt work.
could you please give me your e-mail address?

Marianne Mancusi said...

You guys rock - winners will be announced tomorrow! ^^

Susie - email is: