Monday, May 06, 2013

First "official" review of Scorched...from Kirkus reviews

Confession: we author types get increasingly nervous the nearer we get to release day. Will readers like the book? Will we get slammed or lauded by reviewers? Will anyone buy a copy? I've been especially anxious about Scorched since it's a brand new series. (After eight books of Blood Coven I'd kind of heard it all and knew what to expect, lol.) So I was extremely psyched to get this review from the tough-as-nails Kirkus Reviews!  It's the first "official" review (from a major review publication) and it's really good! Full review below:

Kirkus Reviews
Which came first? The dragon, the egg or the fiery destruction of life as we know it? Sixteen-year-old Trinity Foxx adores her kooky grandfather, and after the tragic death of her mother, he's the only family she has. This makes it all the more difficult to reprimand him for foolishly spending all of their limited cash on a supposed dragon egg. Before she can determine how to rescue both their home and the once-reputable West Texas museum they run from foreclosure, twin brothers with a long-standing Cain-and-Abel rivalry appear from the future. Both brothers are there to collect Trinity. Both want possession of the egg. Both want to save the world from an apocalyptic future via starkly different but equally menacing means. Whom can Trinity trust?
Though the story is told in third person primarily from Trinity's perspective, there are insightful passes of the baton to each of the dueling brothers and even a dragon. Refreshingly, there is no shying away from warranted violence and gore, and Trinity's mentions of booze and boy-crazy flirtations only make her more likable and grounded in increasingly bizarre surroundings. In a book full of hits, the main misses are a dastardly villain whose creepiness could stand more page space and an ending so loose it practically forces readers to get the next book for closure. A smoking triptych of time traveling, dubious double-crossing and enough dragons to sate the hungriest of gamers and fantasy fiends. (Fantasy. 14 & up)

I love that they used the word "warranted" when describing the violence and gore. No gratuitous gore here, people! It's all necessary to the plot! Yeah! :) And as far as the loose ending, well anyone who's familiar with my work knows that's my specialty! Cliffhangers for the win!!

All in all an AWESOME review. Thanks for letting me share!


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