Tuesday, May 07, 2013

And the title for Scorched #2 is....

Hey all,

Often "time" for authors can seem a little out of whack. I remember when writing Blood Coven, I was often two books ahead from what was out in bookstores. It was tough, sometimes to keep from giving away spoilers and remembering what was already in the published books and what was to come!

Same now with Scorched. While you guys haven't even read the first one yet (unless you were one of the lucky ones to score an ARC at IRA or TLA) I'm already hard at work on Scorched #2, which doesn't come out until September 2014!

So while I promise to be careful with giving out any spoilers, I can tell you we have an (at least temporary) title for book #2. Now there's no guarantee this will stay the title - the powers that be at Sourcebooks have the final say on that! But for now, we're calling book #2 .... drum roll please! ....

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What do you think? I'm kind of digging these one word titles, myself. They're a lot easier to say in conversation (as opposed to, say, my first book, "A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court") and, as a bonus, leave more room on the cover for dragon awesomeness. It'll probably be a while before we actually get to see the cover of Shattered - maybe not even until next year! -- but it feels good to have a title at the very least.


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