Thursday, July 02, 2009

Blood Coven Author Quotes!

I think I've told you guys before how much I adore Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series. (You all are reading it, right? If not - get going - it ROCKS!!) It's so different than the other vampire series out there and is completely addictive!!

Anyway, for the re-release of the Blood Coven books, my editor wanted me to get what's called an "author blurb" - which is basically a compliment about your book by a bestselling author. Of course I immediately thought of Rachel. And guess what? She was nice enough to write one! So now here's the quote that's going to appear on the book covers:

"If you haven't sunk your teeth into Marianne Mancusi's fabulous books, why haven't you? Delightful, surprising, and engaging -- you'll get bitten, and love it."

-- Rachel Caine

Pretty awesome, huh? And if that's not enough, I also got a wonderful blurb from New York Times Bestseller Ellen Hopkins who does those AMAZING poetry books like Crank and Identical and the soon-to-be-release Tricks. (Everyone loves these books - just the other day I read Miley Cyrus gushing about Identical!)

"Boys That Bite is a vampire book so worth reading, with dark humor, distinctive voice, and a protagonist clever enough to get herself out of trouble. Thank you, Mari Mancusi, for a great ride."

-- Ellen Hopkins

Isn't that awesome! I mean, not to be all "look at me" but when big-time authors praise your book, it makes you feel like you're doing something right!! :)

Long live the Blood Coven!!



Ezra said...

Oh that is so cool, and yes i agree Rachel Caine books are great

Alicia said...

Hell, your author quote in Vamped by Lucienne Diver convinced me to read it. (Thank you for that, by the way, it was fantastic.) I think the Hopkins quote will attract a lot more readers, seeing how popular she is.

Marianne Mancusi said...

Oh I'm glad you got to try Vamped. It's such a fun book - I love comedy vampire series!!! Can't wait for part 2.

And yes - I'm really honored and excited to be quoted by Ellen Hopkins. Her books are so powerful!!


countryprincess43 said...

I picked up your books at Barnes & Noble and am so glad I did! I love them! I'm 25 so not quite the age they are directed at but they kept me quite entertained and I even shed a few tears at the end of Stake That! Thanks so much for writing them and I'm so glad that more people will get to read them. I'm recommending them to ALL my friends :)

MiSa said...

omg! i love ur books and in stake that i was crying so bad i wore glasses to skool to hide my red eyes..ha..anyway look forward to ur new book!
lots o' <3, MiSa!!