Friday, July 10, 2009

Beiß, Jane, beiß!

Beiß, Jane, beiß! - the German version of BAD BLOOD will be out MONDAY!! Yay for Germany!!! Hope all you German readers will pick it up and let me know what you think! I'm excited!

In the US - it's not out until January. Booooo. But I swear it'll be worth the wait!!!



Anonymous said...

dude its like so unfair the other country gets it first, but i guess i can wait but could u like post the first chapter. Speaking of chapters the first one in rachel caines fade out is driving me nuts cant wait till august!

vampbookreader said...

oh and another thing....u totally rock!!!!

Nissie said...

its a really long wait!!!
wish I could speak german! heh

kiwi said...

i know rite seriosly cant i jut buy the german one and have someone translate it?

Leyra said...

Your Book was already in the bookstores on Friday! I brought it on saturday morning and was finished befor supper was on the table in the evening.

Briliant!!! I realy enjoyed it, can't wait for more. It was so much fun.

Usualy I'm happy that I'm half English and I can get books in English before they are published in Germany. This time it's the other way round.

Emblem99 said...

I read Gamer Girl- Maddie is like an older version of me!
I hope I can be as good a fiction writer as you someday. I'm working on one now, but it's not as good as I'd like.
Thanks for inspiring me to be a better writer!

Anonymous said...

I just read "Beiß, Jane, Beiß!" it's great, I love it!!
I'm so excited for Bad Blood..
xoxo Caly

Anonymous said...

i bought it yesterday and i can't stop reading !!! it's all-out fantastic like all the other tree books you've already written about Sunny and Rayne!!!
Will you write another one ? I hope so !! So ... now i'll continue reading.:)
note of thanks from germany xD

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love your Books so much!
i´m Gemran and had read they all the Time!
And im so Excited!
I have read them already a thousand times one after the other and Have still laughed
Is there after biting Jane, Biting one more continuation?
I really hope!


Anonymous said... here is a comment from Germany:
It is a real awsome book, I already read the 3 others and hope to get more from your great strories - here in Germany. Take care, all the best from Eliza