Sunday, April 12, 2009


Since we're talking about cosplaying, I thought I might show you pics of some other costumes I've done over the last few years. I love dressing up and going to parties or cons. Sometimes my friends and I even host our own theme parties!!

Dressed as Rayne for a New England Romance Writers of America convention:

New England RWA 2007

At the Book Expo of America, wher my friend Liz and I signed our SHOMI novels (mine was called Moongazer) for our publisher. They even made a poster of us, which I wish I had gotten to keep!

In this outfit, I'm especially fond of the legwarmers and my hair in little buns. I recently chopped my hair so I can't do that anymore!

Book Expo of America 2007

This outfit, worn to the national Romance Writers of America conference, got a lot of both negative and positive attention from attendees. Some older romance writers were REALLY MAD that Liz and I cosplayed at the booksale. Evidently they didn't feel it was a look becoming to an author and that we were bringing down the credibility of the whole romance genre!! Some people wrote that they'd never buy our books again! This is just another example of how there's a chasm between romance writers that target older readers and those who target younger ones - like me! :)

In any case, I don't think this outfit is really very risque...Kind of typical Japanese school girl...

Short skirts and thigh highs

Gothic Lolita is my favorite cosplay look. I did this one at Comic Con in San Diego, a year and a half ago.

Comic Con 005

And here's the same dres without the jacket/sleeves.

Comic Con 022

Day two, same Comic Con event.

Comic Con 052

Here's a modified version of the Book Expo outfit - with this amazing skirt I ordered from Japan. I wish you could see it close-up. It even had strings of beads.

Goth Loli Marianne

Not really a costume, but I'm thinking to use this picture for my author photo on the new re-packaged Blood Coven Books.

Marianne at NJ RWA

Again, not really a costume, but me in a corset, dancing at a goth club called Necromantic. (Don't you love the name?)

Necromantic March 017

Last year I hosted a "Future Party" where everyone had to dress as if they were from the future. Here's me and my boyfriend Jacob.

Future love

I had fiber optic glow things for my hair, too!


Not really a costume - I wear my skeleanimals hoodie almost everywhere.

Romantic Times - RT 2008

At a vampire ball...

Romantic Times - 2008

One of my favorite outfits of all time - I'm dressed as my character KARMA KITTY in an anthology story I wrote about a manga artist who turns into her character when she dons a pair of magic gold boots in KARMA KITTY GOES TO COMIC CON. (You can find the story in the anthology "These Boots Were Made for Stomping."

Romantic Times 2008

Dragoncon! Me and Jacob ready to hit the parties!

DragonCon 010

DragonCon 033

And last, but not least, this is the Gothic Lolita dress I got in Japan. Worn to Dragoncon.

DragonCon 114

So there you have it! Cosplay fun! ^_^ Which outfit is your fave?



Tez Miller said...

LOVE the dress in the skeleanimal hoodie photo. I'm not much for the hoodie, but that dress is just gorgeous, and you wear it well :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes i was wondering, why is it that in the book Boys that bite Jereth's eyes are GREEN and then in the next book Stake That! they are BLUE all though out the book, in my opinion i think that they should be GREEN cuz that would set him apart from Magnus.

Anonymous said...

i liked the KARMA KITTY one and the rayne.....and the pic you wanna use in the new books redo's is cute

Alicia said...

Holy linguini, I love your wardrobe. You dig the Skelanimals, eh? favourites are probably Karma Kitty & Raynie the Vampire Slayer.

Marianne Mancusi said...

Yes LOVE skelanimals! They are soooo cute! I have a couple of the stuffed animals -- Penn the Penguin (for my boyfriend who loves penguins) and Diego the bat!

persephonie said...

skullanimals are sooo adorable."dead pets need love to"

Callie said...

LOVE the costumes. The Japanese school girl one is my favorite, but they're all awesome. Your wardrobe rocks. The people who thought negatively about your outfits were just stupid with no imagination. You however do. Love Gamer Girl.

Anonymous said...

really RL'd your black hoodie...oh and pleaze write a sequal to GAMER GIRL!!!! L.O.V.E.D. it! describes me perfectly ^_^! can't wait!