Monday, October 16, 2006

Cover Stuff

Have you ever wondered how they come up with covers for books? What most people don't know is that the authors have very little to do with what ends up on the cover. The publishers have an art department that does all that stuff. That's why sometimes you see covers where the characters don't look anything like they're described in the book. I've been very lucky with my Boys that Bite and Stake That! covers -- I love them both and I think they're great representations of the girls in the book.

So now I'm currently awaiting the cover of GIRLS THAT GROWL, the third book in the series. My editor asked me for some ideas, which she will pass along to the art department. Of course, remember, they don't have to take my suggestions - but at least they asked for them!

I told her since the book is about Rayne going undercover as a cheerleader we should do something where you mix a cheerleading outfit with a goth outfit. So she could be wearing combat boots and fishnets, but have a cheerleading skirt and pom poms.

Here's the photo I sent them.

Imagine something like this, but with pom poms and more of a cheerleading skirt. Wouldn't that be so cute on a cover?

I think so. In a few weeks, we'll see if the art department agrees with me!! :)



Little Willow said...

That would be very fitting - very Hot Topic!

Mari Mancusi said...

LoL yes! That's actually where I stole the pic from. ;-)

GeminiWisdom said...

See, that's the one thing that bothers me about going the traditional route (I self-published my first two). With the series that I'm working on right now,I envision a real person on the cover (like Francine Pascal's "Fearless" series). My character has my niece's physical and personal traits. When I had planned to self-publish the series (I have my own company, Gemini Mojo Press), I was going to put her on the covers.

My now husband and I went around town a couple of years back and took some pics of her. She's African-American (but light-skinned...lighter than me), so I'm hoping, if they ever go that route, that a white girl won't end up on the cover. I'd be HIGHLY pissed.