Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One week till Scorched! Here's what you need to know!

Hey guys!

Can you believe it's ONE WEEK until Scorched release? One week from today!! Eeeeep! Um, yeah, I'm just a LITTLE excited about that.

So here are a couple of things to keep in mind!

1) Barnes and Noble WILL be carrying Scorched. I know that with Blood Coven it was sort of hit or miss whether you'd find copies but they took a nice, healthy order of Scorched and so you should be able to just hit the store and get your copy. If you want to double-check, you can go on BN.com and reserve a copy to pick in store.

2) E-book: Yes, Scorched will be available on all e-book platforms the day of release. If you pre-order it, it will be delivered (at midnight I think) straight to your Kindle/Nook/iPad/whatever.

3) Pre-Order! You're probably sick of me talking about pre-ordering. Well, you've only got one more week to deal with it, haha. But seriously, the reason I talk about pre-ordering so much is two-fold. ONE is because Sourcebooks is giving away awesome jewelry (a dragon pendant!) for those who pre-order the book (ebook or hardcover) and I'm a sucker for free gifts with purchase.

The second is, let's be honest, pre-orders count toward first week sales. And good first week sales can really make or break a book. If Scorched comes ROARING (haha sorry had to go there) out of the gate, then more bookstores are going to get interested in stocking it and Barnes and Noble will pay more attention to the series and hey, if I'm really lucky, it might even land me on a bestseller list. So yeah, it's sooo important to me that people who are going to buy the book anyway, reserve the copy ahead of time. (This goes for any book, any author, just FYI, not just me.) So there you go -- full disclosure and all that! :)

4) First week sales! First week sales have the same importance as pre-orders. (Pre-orders and first week sales get combined into one big sales figure when it comes to bestseller lists, etc.) So if you don't like the whole pre-order thing and would rather just show up at the store and get your copy, that's totally cool, too. :)

5) Libraries! Hopefully lots and lots of libraries placed orders for Scorched. Now's the time to ask yours if they ordered it and if so, if you can be first to read it. If they haven't, you can always request that they order it. Some like getting requests from patrons and will order books that people express interest in.

6) Signed copies! Want an autographed copy? The Book Spot will have those! You can go to their website to order one or just email me and I'll hook you up myself!

7) International copies! You can order (English language) international copies at the Book Depository. They ship pretty much anywhere for free!

That's it for now!! Oh and if you're going to DragonCon, I'll be there, selling them at a booth and during panels, etc. So that's another option!



Holly Bryan said...

I can't wait to read SCORCHED!!! So excited for you :-) Does it feel any different (easier?) in this lead-up to release day now that you have quite a few books already published? Or are you just as excited/nervous/ready/not-ready as with your first one or two?! I've always wondered how authors who've published a lot feel when release day approaches for their later books :)

Yay for ONE WEEK!! I pre-ordered my copy a while ago -- and got my dragon charm last week!! <3

Unknown said...

Scorched seems so amazing.. love the look and excerpt.. I've wondered how you come up with such a great story what inspires.