Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adventures in the Midwest!

Hey all,

First up, thanks so much for all your enthusiasm for Sourcebooks free gift offer if you order Scorched! I hope all of you had a chance to take advantage--it's such a cool deal. I kind of want to pre-order a copy of my own book, just so I can get a charm. :)

I'm actually at the airport right now, waiting for my flight back to Austin. I had a fabulous week in the midwest, covering Wisconsin, Chicago, and finally Minneapolis! I thought maybe I'd post a little travelogue and try to catch you up.

First up: Wisconsin!

Diana Peterfreund and I flew up to the Chicago airport to meet up with Chicagoan and fellow author Simone Elkeles who whisked us away for a writer's week at her gorgeous Wisconsin lake house. But first we stopped for breakfast at the most amazing breakfast place on the planet. Seriously, ask Simone what it's called- I can't remember now - but they had an apple pancake to die for! Diana and Simone got some yummy quiche type dishes and we got to hear the scoop on Simone's really cool secret project!

From there, we headed to the lake! Simone's lake house is amazing, people. So secluded and cozy, overlooking a gorgeous lake. 

The moment we got there we were inspired to write and plot and...well, go tubing!!

Now, you may be thinking, how does tubing fit in with a writer's retreat? Well, it may sound crazy, but the second I got on that tube and the boat started up, I started plotting in my head. By the end of the first ride, I had worked out a problem on my WIP that had been completely bugging me for days. Go figure! 

BTW I had to take the below picture for laughs. People always talk about how YA books have changed from when we were kids. I found the book on the left in a donation bin at the grocery store in NH. It was published back when I was a teen. Now look at Simone's latest masterpiece: Wild Cards! Yeah, baby!

So we wrote, we gossiped, we watched an amazing eighties movie called "Secret Admirer" (how Diana and I have missed this one for so long, I'll never know! Classic, classic eighties rom com!) 

On Thursday we headed to Lake Geneva for lunch. Another gorgeous spot! I'm telling you, I had no idea how beautiful Wisconsin was! 

And the food? Well, we had to have the fried cheese curds. (Which taste a lot yummier than they sound...) 

All in all a fun and successful writer's retreat! Hopefully we can make it an annual event. 


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