Friday, April 12, 2013

Your Scorched questions answered

Hey all,

It's been an exciting week finally getting a chance to reveal the cover of my September dragon book SCORCHED. And I'm thrilled to know how many people LURVE the cover as much as I do! I'm pretty sure this is my favorite cover of all time and I'm so getting a huge poster to hang in my office!

I saw a lot of questions and comments during the reveal and thought I'd share some answers here.

1) Is this a series? 

Yes. It's a trilogy. The books will be published in hardcover every September. I'm working on the second book now. No title yet.

2) The descriptions sounds like Eragon. Is it anything like Eragon? 

About the only thing it shares with Eragon is that both books start with a dragon egg. After that, the similarities pretty much end. Scorched is a contemporary novel, set in present day west Texas, not a fantasy kingdom. There's no swords and sorcery here. Instead there's a huge time travel element to the book (like with the Terminator movies) that plays heavily into the plot.

3) Is it a dystopian? 

Nope. It's set in contemporary times. There is an apocalyptic element to the book, but no dystopian society.

4) The girl's holding the dragon's paw pretty protectively. Is there something going on between them? 

Um, no. Well, not in that way! Think of the dragon as a very big Labrador Retriever and you'll have a better sense of their relationship. There's no shapeshifting element in this series. Dragons are animals, plain and simple. Big, fire-breathing animals.

5) That big guy looks pretty deadly. What's his deal? 

Well, I can't tell you that. But I can reveal that the big "guy" is actually a big girl.

6) Who's the artist behind the cover? 

Tony Sahara. He's amazing, isn't he? He also did, amongst many other covers, the Eon and Eona covers. So he's no stranger to dragons.

7) Can I get an ARC to review? 

There will be ARCs available starting later this month. If you have a blog and want to review, hit up Derry Wilkens, the publicist at Sourcebooks and ask nicely. :)

Any other questions? Throw 'em at me!


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