Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are you ready to look into the moon?

Hey all,

Great news! My dystopian thriller ALTERNITY is now up for pre-order on Amazon and iBooks. Pre-order it now and you'll get the book downloaded to your Kindle or iPad/iPhone on October 19th (next Friday.) We will also be creating a print version of the book, which will be out in early November.

Alternity was originally published in paperback as MOONGAZER, one of the launch titles for Dorchester's defunct SHOMI line. If you like films like The Matrix, Inception, and Blade Runner, this is probably a book for you. It is a young adult novel - or maybe "new adult" since the heroine is in college. There's action, romance, and a lot of mystery.

Here's the cover and description! Hope you will check it out! Best part: it's only $3.99 for the digital version!

Imagine waking up in a post-apocalyptic, nightmare world--and being told your whole life is but a dream. Skye Brown thought she was your typical college student--good grades, hot boyfriend, and an internship that pays her to play videogames. But then she started having the dreams. 

In her dreams, there is no Earth. Only Terra, a bleak, underground wasteland where people live in squalor and oppression. In her dreams, there is no Skye--only Mariah, a rebel leader fighting against a vile, dystopian regime. And then there's Dawn, a handsome, but haunted solider who sees her as but an empty shell of the girl he once love--a betrayer he vows to hate forever, despite what she sees deep in his eyes. 

Now, ripped between Dark Siders and club kids, the mundane and the mystic, Skye finds herself in a fight against time--to learn who she really is, where she belongs..and why. The shocking truth will have her questioning her own reality...and her heart.

"An enthralling combination of The Matrix and Snow Crash with a bit of Blade Runner thrown into the mix." -- SF Scope 

"Exhilarating! Once I started, I couldn't put this book down." -- Gena Showalter, New York Times Bestselling Author


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