Friday, June 08, 2007

Video Blog Update from Mari


Anonymous said...

if it doesn't work then i'll lik die cuz i LUV!! vamp series i'm having a hard time finding them. so i've just found out about the book i guess thats wats happens when u put me in a book store 4 half an hr and i came out w/ 7 books but it was the frist time i ever heard about ur books and i broke my reading record i read the first and second book a few days ago and i read the first book in 3hrs!! and the second book then next day in 4hrs(people were bothing me)!!!so i instantly went to to c if there was another book and i was thrilled to no the anser was yes!!and if u can't put out a 4th book plezzzzzzz post it on the blog!!!


Zollyanna said...

i am currently doing a review that will be posted at Night Owl Romance when your Book Girls that Growl comes out but i have also taken and put a link up to your site on mine as well to boost the work for your books as you ask here
I love you books and plan to go get the others

Anonymous said...

this new book sound cool!!!!!!!!!
and i love you books.


Anonymous said...

u absolutely have to post it online!!! ill die if u dont!! :(

Anonymous said...

i'll deff make sure that I spread the word! I absolutely adore these books. I read all 3! They're awesome. I sooo hope you can come out with the 4th book and continue with the series. It would also make an awesome movie!