Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Plea - Help Me Save the Series!!!

Hey all,

So I just wanted to post this to keep you updated on the series and where it's headed. As most of you know, Girls that Growl, book #3, will be out in October. That's the good news.

Here's the not so good news:

I've been talking to my editor about book #4 in the series- which is tenatively titled "See Jane Bite." And she says that they need to see a lot of sales from Stake That before they can commit to continuing the series. You see, it turns out that while Boys that Bite is still really popular (they even had to print more copies cause they ran out!) Stake That has not sold nearly as many books! (Poor Rayne!)

Sooo I wanted to let you guys know this is happening cause I feel if we band together we can make a fourth book happen! I want to write it - you want to read it, right??? So now all we have to do is convince the publisher to buy it and publish it - and that means we have to show them that there is a demand for the book.

So I never do this but I am pleading with you now. If you read and liked Stake That, go forth and spread the word!! Tell your classmates, put it on your blogs, tell your libraries to order it and get bookstores to stock it. Post on message boards, tell your teachers, create book clubs, give it as a gift. If you can't find it in a bookstore ask them to order it or buy it off Amazon.

It's amazing what people can accomplish when they all work together. And I truly believe if we harness all our power we can keep the series alive!



autochick1 said...

omg i would die if i couldn't see what happens yet i mean i would die if i wasn't going to become undead i love vamps they are so awsome the prob is that people think im going crazy because i love them me and my best friends (crystal And Kyle) are so in to them me and kyle are cheating our own books and that is hard went you only in middle school so u have so influened us we love you mari and are so going to read the next one.

Cynthia Shutts said...

I just posted this on my journal group for teen books and on the sheroes message board. I will try to tell more people about your series. I really enjoy them.

Vanilla said...


Stake That, the sequel is OUT???


I love your books, Mari!!

Anyway, can you fill me in on when it comes out in New Zealand, since to the best of my knowledge, things comes out in NZ late...

I'll be sure to get a copy!!



Tammie King said...

ah - Mari,

Thanks for the info - Zollyanna just reviewed your third book and found your post. I've purchased the first book and I'll find the second one soon.

Wish you the best!


Krista said...

I just finished the 3rd book, Girls that Growl, and I am completely hooked to your books. I really hope the 4th is published!!