Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Quick Update

Lots of great things going on in Marianne's world. Not many I can talk about yet - but look for a big annoucement soon. Gah. I got to say, I hate waiting for things. I'm so an instant gratification girl.

I'm ALMOST done writing Girls that Growl. Should be passing it into my editor on Monday. It may be a little longer than I planned it to be, which is odd because normally I write short. But I'm happy with how it's coming out and really, that's all that matters!

I've been so busy lately writing that I haven't had much of a life so I have little to talk about. In fact, I've even had to cut down on videogaming. So sad! Oh well, the end is in sight. And it's worth it. Soo worth it.


1 comment:

Susan Hatler said...

Congrats on nearing the end of Girls that Growl :)