Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where in the world is Blood Ties?

In a perfect world, bookstores would stay in business forever and stock every book known to man. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world - we live in one where the book business as we know it is in danger. And that makes it very difficult for authors to make their books available to readers.

For example, Borders was a true Blood Coven fan. They stocked ALL the books - not just the new release. They even had a big display when Bad Blood first came out. So cool. Unfortunately, now they're out of business and so all those readers who depended on Borders to get their Blood Coven fix are out of luck.

Barnes and Noble, for some reason unbeknownst to me, has not been supportive of the Blood Coven series. They have not stocked the books. Some local stores have - because they placed individual orders - but countrywide, they didn't stock Night School and they're not stocking Blood Ties either. Wal*Mart stocked Night School, but chose not to stock Blood Ties.

Sucks, right? And not in a good vampire kind of way!

So where in the world can you find Blood Ties? Well, here are a few ideas.

1) Barnes and Noble! I know, I just got through saying they aren't stocking it. However, if you go there and REQUEST it, they'll get a copy in, just for you. You don't even have to pay until it arrives in the store. That is the number one, best way to get the book (even though it's a pain!) because it shows the bookstore they are making a mistake not stocking it - because people want to read it!

2) Online - You can always order a copy from a mail-order bookstore like Amazon or If you're international, you can get it with FREE SHIPPING on

3) E-Books - It's available on all e-book formats - Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo, Sony, etc. Buy it and read it in seconds! This is a great option if you own an e-reader.

4) Other bookstores. Books-a-Million has always been a Blood Coven supporter. If you have one in your area, they may be stocking the book. Smaller bookstores may also get it in. Or, again, you can always order it.

For me, this is very frustrating because I worked hard on this book and I want people to be able to read it. So I hope you will make an effort to go out and find the book, even if it isn't as easy as just grabbing the latest bestseller off the shelf. Sometimes stores need to be told what readers want to read - or they're just going to stock the books that publishers pay them to stock. (Those displays you see? Those are bought placement!!) So I hope you will join me in letting bookstores know that Blood Coven is a series to watch!

Oh and lastly, if you want to order a copy straight from me - you can do so by emailing me at For $9.99 plus $2.50 postage, I can send you an autographed copy. Email for details.

HUGS and thanks for the support!

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