Friday, May 06, 2011

Kindle Novellas - 99 cents

For those of you looking for funny, quick reads, I've posted two of my novellas on Kindle and Nook for 99 cents. They were originally part of anthologies put out by Dorchester, but now I've got the rights back and want everyone to have the chance to read them -- without having to buy an entire book!! So instead of paying $7.99, you can have them for 99 cents each! :)

Check them out below!

Comic book creator Hailey Hills has no idea what she's in for when she arrives at New York City's Comic Con for the first time. But when a pair of magical boots manages to turn her into a real life Karma Kitty--the superhero of her own creation--Hailey suddenly finds herself battling ninjas, pirates and a past love she's tried desperately to leave behind.

Full of geeky cool and humor, this novella was originally published in paperback as part of the "These Boots Were Made for Stomping" anthology.

Kindle Version

Nook Version

Take one low budget zombie film set, a young makeup artist and the Hollywood hearthrob she's been in love with since she was a teen. Add a couple hundred zombie extras--who've become a little too realistic for their own good--and you've got Zombiewood Confidential, a campy, zombie novella with action, humor, romance, and, of course, plenty of braaaaaains.

For those who like horror and humor combined. Originally published as part of the "My Zombie Valentine Anthology."

Kindle Version.
Nook Version

Thanks for letting me share! I'm so excited to be able to bring back these stories and make them available to readers through e-publishing!!


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