Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Blood Coven Continues...with Soul Bound!

I know you guys are still waiting for Book #6 - Blood Ties (and I know some of you have not yet read Night School (#5) since it just came out this month--so many books so little time!) but I did want to let you know there is more Blood Coven in the future!

There will be eight books in the series total and #7 - which I'm actually writing right now - will be out in MARCH 2012. It will be in Rayne's point of view and the title is SOUL BOUND.

Book #8 will be out in fall 2012. Not sure an exact date yet - probably October. We don't have a title as of yet.

So....good news all around! Thanks so much for supporting the series - they're a lot of fun to write and it makes me happy to know so many people are enjoying them.

As always, for the latest news, please refer to my Facebook page. I update there almost daily and hardly ever remember to write in the blog. :) Once I reach 2,000 followers on the page (which I think we're within 20 now!) I will be releasing a sneak peek of BLOOD TIES.



Taylor J., 13 said...

Hey! So, I was wondering... my friend and I love the book 'Gamer Girl' and think that it would be awesome to actually have a virtual world like 'Fields of Fantasy'. We are both pretty good artists and are studying game design and have been practicing by making small little games for our families and friends. We were wondering if we could take your idea for FoF and make it into a real game and try to get it published! It would take a REALLY long time, though, but I think it would be worth it. (PS: We might sometimes ask you questions for ideas on stuff we could add XD). So do you agree? :)

Taylor J., 13 said...

PSS: 'Gamer Girl' ROXXXX! I mean, I'm not sure what it could be about, it would be AWESOME if it had a sequel! X3

kitkat A.K.A kita said...

OMG I absolutely love blood coven series. makes me really wish vampires were real and maybe (praying here) I could meet one lol. but anyway I can barely wait for the next installments. problem is I live in a country very far away (South Africa) and we only get the books later, sad I know but I can wait right? hehe okay maybe I can try really hard.

Vera said...


For a seconde, my heart stops beating. I'm so glad, that I found your books!

(I'm sorry about my english. I'm from germany and my english is reaaaaaaaaaaaally bad.)

When can I get #6 in germany?

I already read #5 and it was FANTASTIC! <3

Seriously, all your books are fantastic.

xoxo Vera