Friday, December 10, 2010

Gamer Girl Fan Art

Pulled from Deviant Art. Love it!!!

Gamer Girl - Maddy and Allora by ~camicuti97 on deviantART

Allora- Get Your Gamer Face On by ~TrafficTetris on deviantART

You guys are just too, too creative!


Esther said...

I wish that I could draw better so I could do some fan arts. ;3 By the way, I love your book Gamer Girl. I can't wait to read your vampire series.

D. Travis said...

Eeek. I love the fanart! I literally just read Gamer Girl (all in one sitting and I am up entirely too late because I couldn't put it down) and I really loved it.

Your writing is so emotive, I adored it. *squee*

It's cool to hear you're working on something new. I'm a little wary of the vampire craze but I'll definitely look into it. Your styles is fabulous.

Reminds me of Maureen Johnson and Julie Anne Peters and John Green, my other Young Adult writing icons.

Mari Mancusi said...

Thanks guys! I wish I could draw as well as my readers, too!! I guess I'll just settle on writing the books instead! :)

I'm glad you liked Gamer Girl!!