Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Great Vamp Series - Go Check it out!

If you like the Blood Coven Vampires series then I know you love vampire series with humor. So you need to be checking out my fab author friend Lucienne Diver's books as well. The first was VAMPED and the second, which just came out, is called REVAMPED. So much fun! In Revamped, the newbie vampire heroine Gina--who's like one of the popular kids--has to go undercover as a goth girl. Which is funny because it's like the exact opposite of Girls that Growl where goth girl Rayne had to become a cheerleader! :)

Anyway, you can learn more about Vamped and Revamped--and possibly win an iPod!--at the Bitten By Books event here.


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Heather H. said...

Ooh, I love VAMPED--it's definitely as great as the BLOOD COVEN series! :)