Thursday, August 05, 2010

Blood Coven eBooks

I thought I'd write out a list of where you can get the Blood Coven books via eBook, for those of you who like the instant gratification of downloading instead of heading to the bookstore/library. The series is available in all formats. And if you don't have an e-reader, but you do have an iPhone or an iTouch - then you can download a FREE ap to read iBooks from Apple or Kindle books - right from your iPhone/iTouch. Which is, let's just say, awesome. No more running to the bookstore!

Kindle e-books (USA)

Kindle e-books (UK)

iBooks from Apple (Download iBook ap on iPhone/iTouch/iPad and then search "Mancusi")

Nook (from Barnes and Noble)

Sony e-books


HarukaKat said...

I've never tried this series, but since they have them on kindle I might give it a go. :) I requested that Amazon make Gamer Girl available on kindle, but guess not, haha. x3

Mari Mancusi said...

Yeah, it sucks that they never put GAMER GIRL out as an e-book. I don't understand why!!! But it's not Amazon's fault. It's my publisher's fault. :(