Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bad Blood - Sold Out?

I've been hearing stories of stores selling out of Bad Blood and Amazon also is currently out of stock They got more in! This is why it's really important to call first before you go. Sometimes demands exceeds expected supply - which is a good thing in a way - it means people want the book! - but it also sucks if you went to the store to get it and come home empty handed. :( Make sure, if the bookstore's sold out, you tell them to reserve you a copy when they get a new shipment in. This way you'll know it's at least on its way.

Borders has an in-store guarantee program that if the book is not there, they will not only order it for you, but ship it to your house for free. Also they've been very supportive of the Blood Coven series in general and would be my first place to try for a copy of Bad Blood or the other books in the series.

* UPDATE 1/6* I noticed that Barnes and Noble seems to be getting the books in slowly, store by store. Some stores had them before release date, some stores are just getting them today, some stores still don't have them yet. So again, check their website or call before you go. Also, right now I don't think they stock the first three books--just Bad Blood. So if you need those, you'll have better luck at Borders. Or you can always order them online.




Laurie, Meghan and Caitlin said...

That's why I pre-ordered! Can't wait to read it!

Elie said...

Barnes and Noble didn't have any-at all, not even the other books. I was really disappointed.

I ordered them online

Dakota Kingham said...

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Marianne Mancusi said...

Hey Elie,

I'm glad you were able to order. Sucks they didn't have them in stock. B&N seems to be getting them to stores a little slower than usual. It might be just post-Christmas rush kind of thing, I don't know. I noticed more books in stock today than yesterday when I looked at their website.

Dakota! Of course I remember you. I will look forward to your return letter. :) Hope you had a good Christmas!


kanishk said...

! Can't wait to read it!

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Amy said...

I went to Borders and got all 4 books. Barnes & Noble isn't good. Borders had a few copies of all the books.