Friday, June 12, 2009

Night School - Blood Coven #5 - GERMANY

For you German readers, I have great news! I just sold Book #5 of The Blood Coven Vampire series to my German publisher for a summer 2010 release!! So not only do you get Book #4 first, but you will also definitely get more books! Yay!

As for America, we're working with them to push #5 as we speak. But they have until January to decide. Basically they may wait to see how the re-releases of the first three do as well as Bad Blood. The more popular they are, the more chance we'll have of them wanting to do Book #5. So be sure to keep up the good work spreading the word about the series to friends!!

Book #5's title is NIGHT SCHOOL and it deals with Sunny and Rayne hiding out in an exclusive European vampire boarding school. Can't tell you why - but when you read Book #4 you'll understand!! :) Yes, it ends with a cliffhanger!



Alicia said...

Stoked! *insert Snoopy dance here*

BuBBleZZZ said...


Im sooo happpy its comingg out soon and then theres going to be a 5th book omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im soo happpy

EvElInE said...
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EvElInE said...

Im excited!!! but when is book 4 coming out in the states??

Anonymous said...

Wait Wait do we have to read them in order???
i mean i just Finished Boys that Bit first lol


Bárbara said...

I just finished the 4th book and adore it, its fantastic and make you addicted to it.The final is very good and make you ansious for the next one...
I hope that the 5th book it come to release very shortly because i'm dying to read it.
Congrats for the great writing!

shona_m_1 said...

hi i live in scotland anyone no when book #5 cums out here xx thanks xx

Marina said...

i have just finished the last book!
and let me tell you it was fantastic!
but, to be honest, i had to swallow
the 3th book 'cause Rayne gives me headaches xD
how could you write about Sunny-Rayne-Rayne-Sunny? xD
you almost kill me u.u' I wanted to listen more about Sunny,
but everything was about Rayne u.u
but you completely knock me out with Bad Blood♥
you definetly fill all my impatience about Sunny!
No words♥
And what was THAT end?
you are really try to kill us! xD
i swear i cannot wait for the 5th
as i just mentioned, i've finished the 4th and i
must know something about the 5th..
we're mortal! we can't wait! T.T
My BEST wishes and my sincerely appreciation!
Regards from a fan of you from Argentina!

Anonymous said...

I hope that the 5th one comes out soon ive been waiting a couple months now im going to forget what happend in the last one if they dont hurry and tell me when the relase date is!!!

Anonymous said...

ok... i need the 5th book like... now!!!!!!!! i just read the first four in like 6 hours and now i need the 5th one!!!! i just realized it hasn't come out yet which is why i can not find it anywhere!!! i absolutly am the biggest fan of the blood coven series. did you know that no one knew its series title until like the third book came out?? gtg 2 bed so i can reread the books tomaro. and the day after that. and the day after that. and prety much everyday until the 5th book comes out. it better come fast or ill be checking into a mantal hospital!!!

Marianne Mancusi said...

LOL it'll be out in January. But don't worry cause then #6 will be out in August - so a shorter wait this time between books!! ;)

Which reminds me, I'd better get writing book 6!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I live in australia , is there any wa that i can get the fifth book cause im completley hooked...I sometimes wish that I had a twin. I was in my local library (with a gorgues librarian) and I say the 4th book and I started squaeling in the middle of the library!
Thanks for writting such awesome book!

Marianne Mancusi said...

The best way to get the 5th book, if you live outside the US is to either go to your local bookstore and have them order it or go to Book Despository (

They have FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world! Awesome deal!