Friday, April 11, 2014

The Camelot Code - at long last!

Hey all, 

A long time ago I sold a little book called THE CAMELOT CODE at auction to Dutton (Penguin). It was a dream come true and the money allowed me to move to NYC (another life dream.) If this hadn't happened, I would have never met Jacob and an entire human being ( my daughter Avalon) would not currently be on this planet. 

Unfortunately while all my personal dreams came true, the Dutton deal ended up falling through when they changed the perimeters of their line. When we tried to sell it again to publishers, no one was interested in a tween YA -- they all wanted books that appealed to the crossover market. For years I refused to give up on this book - as I think it might be my favorite thing I've ever written - but finally I realized it's just not a good fit with the current YA market. 

SO long story (sort of) short, I've decided to put it out myself. I'm not sure how well a younger YA will do as a self-published book - but I believe in this book so much I'm willing to give it a try.  My agent's digital service will be releasing the book in e-book and softcover format on Tuesday! It's kind of scary but also crazy exciting! And no matter what happens, I am still SO GRATEFUL for all this book has done for me. Because of it, I am a wife and a mom and very, very happy. 

Anyway, here's the cover reveal.

The Camelot Code
All fourteen-year-old gamer girl Sophie Sawyer wants to do is defeat Morgan Le Fay in her favorite Arthurian videogame. She has no idea the secret code sent via text message is actually a magical spell that will send her back in time to meet up with a real life King Arthur instead.
Of course Arthur’s not king yet—he hasn’t pulled the sword from the stone—and he has no idea of his illustrious destiny. And when a twist of fate sends him forward in time—to modern day high school—history is suddenly in jeopardy. Even more so when Arthur Googles himself and realizes what lies in store for him if he returns to his own time—and decides he’d rather try out for the football team instead.   
Now Sophie and her best friend Stuart find themselves in a race against time—forced to use their 21st century wits to keep history on track, battle a real-life version of their favorite videogame villain, and get the once and future king back where he belongs. Or the world, as they know it, may no longer exist. 


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a cool book. I looked for it on Amazon, but it can't be pre-ordered? Where will Camelot Code be for sale?

Mari Mancusi said...

Yeah unfortunately no pre-order but it will be for sale starring Weds!!! :)